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Jun 13

QuiBids Tips to Build an Online Auction Strategy

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OKLAHOMA CITY, OK – QuiBids speaks out about some auction tips that will help consumers bid more wisely on its site. Since day one, it implemented what is known as QuiBids101, an information portal with added insight into how operates. Some of the strategies include being patient, starting small and building up and watching the auctions before you jump into the bidding action.

Additional tips to help improve an auction strategy on QuiBids include utilizing the Buy Now feature, stocking up on Voucher Bids and watching out for aggressive bidders. The Buy Now feature was implemented by QuiBids on day one of its operations. Should you lose an auction, the Buy Now feature enables you to purchase the product at retail, minus the cost of bids you put into that auction. No one ever has to walk away empty-handed from an auction at QuiBids. It is the most tried and true strategy that will provide a better user experience.

The more bids one stocks up, the better advantage that person will have over others in the auctions; it is that simple. QuiBids’ customers can stock up on special Voucher Bids (a.k.a. Free Bids) through a variety of ways. First, they can take the QuiBids101 quiz to achieve the “Training Day Badge” which awards three free bids. Customers can also subscribe to the QuiBids weekly newsletter and have the chance to participate in its customer surveys. Lastly, one of the other ways to obtain free bids is by watching for coupon codes or promotions that are periodically posted on its social media profiles and/or blog. To see examples of past video testimonial promotions you can visit QuiBids’ YouTube.  QuiBids’ LinkedIn profile is another avenue to get company updates and reminders on its promotions.

One of the tips that can take the most time but eventually can save you time in the future is watching other customer activity and getting to know their bidding style(s). If you find that a particular customer is more aggressive, you may want to avoid that auction and enter into the next one for that same product.

Although these tips are great to assist a QuiBids customer in their bidding strategy, they are certainly not the only ones. QuiBids’ users put together their own strategies which might also include the time of day they bid and utilizing certain bidding limits. Having a strategy going into any auction will only give you a better user experience overall.

About QuiBids
QuiBids launched in October of 2009 and has been dubbed “the most fun way to get what you want online.” QuiBids live auctions are more exciting, reliable and safer than other online auction websites. QuiBids has been a Better Business Bureau (BBB) accredited business since September of 2010 and has had its bidding and shipping processes voluntarily examined by Grant Thornton. QuiBids focuses on leading the innovation of the entertainment shopping industry.

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