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Mar 06

QuiBids to Donate $500 to Children International

Posted by Blake Brown under Charity, News, QuiBids Employees

QuiBids is happy to announce that through your efforts on Twitter, together we have raised $500 to donate to the life-changing organization, Children International.  You may recall our Retweet to Donate Campaign from February. In this campaign, we embedded a particular Tweet in blog posts throughout the month.  We then asked all QuiBidders to help spread the word about Children International by ReTweeting that Tweet, with QuiBids donating $0.25 to Children International for every time it was ReTweeted.

Now that the promotion has ended, we have been able to compile all of the ReTweets and add up the totals.  We were ReTweeted over 1000 times, which equaled out to a lesser amount than anticipated.  A bunch of QuiBidders really stepped up and helped spread the word of Children International.  Our blog post about Helping Children in Need One RT at a Time was shared over 100 times on Facebook!  How cool!

Why Children International?

Children International is a nonprofit humanitarian organization that “… strive(s) to help children around the world overcome the burdens of poverty to become healthy, educated, self-sustaining and contributing members of society.”  This goal is achieved more so through child sponsorships than donations.  Children International uses child sponsorships to unite an individual sponsor with a child to personally address the child’s immediate and basic needs.

In addition to sponsorships, Children International works to further improve the living conditions of children and families who live in poverty through projects such as latrine building, clean-water initiatives and income-generation programs.  And with their housing programs, they’re able to build new homes for victims of natural disasters along with repairing and upgrading older houses with sturdy roofs and concrete floors.

Click here to learn more about how YOU can sponsor a child for as little as $25/month.

Currently, QuiBids sponsors 10 children through Children International.  Our employees take it upon themselves to actively write to these children to maintain consistent communication in addition to creating positive relationships to ensure a brighter future for these kids.  We’d like to thank everyone who took time to ReTweet and help us raise these funds for Children International.

“Thanks to you, sponsored kids are off to a great start this year!  Here are some of the big plans they have in store for 2012.”

We would definitely like to do more for Children International in the future, and hopefully raise much more. What did you think about this ReTweet fundraiser?  What should we do for the next one?  Let your voice be heard by providing your feedback in the comment section below.