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Sep 06

QuiBids Twitter Round-Up: August 2012 (#FREEBIDS)

Posted by Blake Brown under Contests, Testimonials

We’re off and running into September (you guys, that means Pumpkin Spice Lattes at Starbucks!!!) but before we wave farewell to the August 2012 chapter in QuiBids history, we’d like to share some of the top tweets about QuiBids from the past month.

Retweet the link to this blog post with the hashtag #FREEBIDS and that’ll be your entrance into today’s daily Twitter contest for 50 Free Bids! We’ll pick the winner at 3 p.m. CST!

QuiBids Twitter Round-Up: August 2012

Storified by QuiBids · Tue, Sep 04 2012 10:19:38

QuiBids was playing with kids at children’s! Companies that give back like @QuiBids and care make me happy. #PROklahomaMary Asal
@QuiBids just won sum beats headphones for $0.77 pshhh thx fellasTommy Lindwall
@QuiBids Got the 3 $25 gift cards I won. Won all on the first night I used QuiBids $0.10, $0.01, $0.12 thanks QuiBids
For those who didn’t think so, QuiBids is actually a legit site! Won me a $25 gift card for $2 and a $100 blender for $7.Travis Sims
Just won Darksiders 2 for a whooping $0.08 man I love @QuiBids @DavidDiFrancoScott Chambers
@QuiBids The Bidder of the Week Blogs on Quibids are awesome!. It gives me ideas on how I can compete! #winningAndy Myers
I will definitely use @quibids over other penny autions! No other compares! I have won more stuff with little effort! #FREEBIDS #LoveitApril Reed
@QuiBids is the rockstar of auction sites!! I scored luggage for 62 cents!! #FREEBIDS: Clothing
Won a 70$ blender for a cent. Thank you quibids! #winningChris E
When @QuiBids say “insanely low price”, they aren’t kidding! It’s the real deal. :xZanshi
Just won an $80 Pelican case on @Quibids for $0.17! Late night bidding leads to success! #QuibidsTipsChris†oph Mac
@QuiBids Loving QuiBIDS !! secure and safe!! :-)Bryan Wells
Yay my copy of Darksiders 2 came 😀 I have a feeling it will certainly be worth the 8 cents I paid for it. Thanks again @QuiBidsScott Chambers
I got a Mac desktop computer last night on quibids for $45.00!!!!David Wright
I won an $84 #Fossil watch from @QuiBids for $0.28 !! I squealed with joy! There is no way I’d ever pay full price for it.Ali Hall
Quibids shirts came @LiamKing23 #whaddup Nelson
I won a pair of Nike running shorts at a quibids auction. Only 0.12 cents….Bryan Naranjo
@QuiBids just won an $850 toshiba TV for $1.57. thank you quibids!Chris E
iPad & Xbox Thanks To QuiBids. ->
@QuiBids First day, Swarovski Lock and Key Pendant, $.01. Worth It. Ready for more. #FREEBIDS #100ThingsILikeEmmanuel Johnson