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Apr 09

Recycle Used Golf Balls With This Cute Garden Craft

Posted by Valerie German under Craft, Gardening

Recycle Used Golf Balls With This Cute Garden Craft

Don’t throw out your tired and used golf balls, give them new life with this garden craft idea! It’s a perfect budget-friendly craft you and your children will love. It’s also a way to bring year-round color and fun into your gardens!

This cute craft can take many forms. Popular garden critters include ladybugs, caterpillars, bees and ants. Or liven up your yard for Halloween and make spiders! The supplies you’ll need will depend on what kind of critter you decide to make. For our blog today we’ll go over the ladybug design.


  • Golf Balls
  • Primer
  • Acryllic Paint – Red, Black and White
  • Varnish
  • Optional items for other designs:
    • Googly eyes
    • Wire
    • Glue
    • Wood


  • Make sure you start with relatively clean golf balls. You don’t want caked on dirt to cause problems with your paint later.
  • Sand the golf balls all over the surface with a sandpaper and spray primer paint for the final paint to better adhere on their surface.
  • When the primer is dry, apply a red paint all over the balls. When that dries add black paint to make the ladybug head, wing edges and spots. Repeat process to add white paint for the eyes.
  • Add varnish to protect the ladybug balls from the elements.
  • Take a walk in your yard to find the perfect spot for your colorful garden critters!

Painting Stages

Golf Ball Ladybug Stages

Golf Ball Critters In Their Natural Habitats

Golf Ball Painted Critters

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