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Feb 02

Share the Love with Facebook Friends

Posted by Blake Brown under Events


If you haven’t taken advantage of QuiBids’ Share the Love promotion, you’re definitely missing out!  Of the many activities going on this month, the gift-giving app on our Facebook page, is probably one of the lesser known aspects of this promotion.  With this app, you can send a virtual gift to your friend or family’s Facebook Timeline.  The gifts can be appropriate for Valentine’s Day, or they could simply be used as random acts of kindness and love.

A description is included with every gift once it is posted on a friend’s timeline. Most of these descriptions will have a “QuiBids 101” twist with them.   The descriptions cannot be easily seen from within the Share the Love Facebook Application, so we’ve gone ahead and shown them below.

QuiBids Share the Love Gift - Be Mine

We have both been bidding for a long time now. Our bidding history is filled both with great deals and Buy Now’s. I always look forward to the moments each day when we meet up on QuiBids’ Facebook page to discuss strategy. Thank you QuiBonding with me, and for being my QuiBuddy! Be sure to share this gift with someone else who has made you smile.

Date's on Me Gift from QuiBids for Share the Love Promotion

I've been winning gift cards on QuiBids. So tonight, the date's on me!

#FREEBIDS Gift from QuiBids for February Share the Love promo 2012

QuiBids provides bidders with numerous opportunities to score free bids. Be sure to take advantage of them. I mean, who doesn't like free bids?!

Hugs Gift from QuiBids for Share the Love promotion

Thanks for making me smile! Share this hug with another friend and let's make it a "Group Hug."

Kisses Gift on QuiBIds for Share the Love promo

I love you with every ounce of my SOLD! Will you share some kisses back?

LIKE Me Gift on QuiBids for Share the Love Promo

LIKE QuiBids' Facebook page and you can participate fun promotions for cool prizes. You can also engage in discussions with a community of over 160,000 QuiBidders like yourself!

Lost Love QuiBids Gift for Share the Love Promotion

Lost love? Good thing there's Buy Now! If you ever lose an auction on QuiBids, you can apply your spent bids toward purchasing the product at retail. This will prevent you from ever having to walk away from an auction empty-handed.

Meet Me At The QBar Gift on QuiBids for Share the Love Promotion

All of the cool bidders spend their time at the QBar. The QBar is located at the bottom of your screen, and it’ll follow you page to page whenever you're logged in. Currently it features seven key components: a User Profile View, My QuiBids, My Bids, Watchlist, Notifications, a social media portal, and a connection meter.

Priceless Gift on QuiBids for Share the Love Promotion

When trying to decide the right time to join an auction on QuiBids, it’s important to know what that product typically sells for. Use the "Recently Sold For" data found on each auction page on QuiBids to assist in developing a strategy.

I QLive You Gift on QuiBIds for Share the Love Promotion

Thanks to QLive, you’ve now got a fun, safe way of seeing where other bidders are from as you participate in auctions on QuiBids. I QLive you!

What are some of your favorite gifts?  Can you think of any more that we should include in the Facebook App?  Let us know in the comment section.

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  1. Hey everyone, this a fun gme but watch for the Big Guys.If you try i i get 25 bids free,for each one that does.