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May 18

Fun Friday: Sing your (NBA playoffs) song

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QuiBids’ headquarters’ biggest regular boon to productivity is our hometown basketball team — the Oklahoma City Thunder. The boys in blue have pick-and-rolled their way into a special spot in our collective company heart, so it was pretty tough for us to get much done this week after we watched them throttle the Los Angeles Lakers in Game One of the Western Conference Semifinals, and then barely eke out the win just two nights later in Game Two.

With recap videos, highlights and tons of discussion flying around the office, we thought we might share some of the best stuff with you guys — it definitely made our work day go by a little bit faster.

“Beard Like Harden”

Something tells me that the dunks these guys are doing are aided by a trampoline. But that aside, this Maroon 5 parody is an admirable tribute to the NBA’s recently-crowned Sixth Man of the Year.

Young Star — “OKC Thunder Anthem” Parts 1 & 2
This is probably the first-ever hip-hop song to mention both Nick Collison and Thabo Sefolosha (really, what does “Sefolosha” rhyme with?) Bonus points for the Nate Robinson mention a little after 1:35!

The Lost Boys ft. Michael Garner — “Blue and Orange”

We realize you probably weren’t looking for a Thunder pump-up song that samples Eiffel 65’s weirdo ‘90s hit “Blue” when you came to QuiBids today, but sometimes the best things in life are unexpected.

12 — “My Thunder”

Here’s another Thunder anthem — the demand for that stuff’s through the roof right now — that’s  certainly more laid-back than “Blue and Orange” or “OKC Thunder Anthem.” Which sort of defeats the purpose of being a pump-up song, but whatever.

Thunder Your Butts Off
The title kind of speaks for itself.