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May 10

Six great gifts for grads!

Posted by Matt Carney under Products


When May hits, the professional world feels the impact, because it’s measured in new hires.

It’s that time of year when thousands of once-students order their caps and gowns and walk across the stage from study into practice. They trade their backpacks for briefcases, their flip-flops for loafers, and start reading up on 401ks and the differences between term life and whole life insurance.

It’s an exciting time in life, but it’s also terribly intimidating, so don’t let your college grad walk from the dorm room to the office alone! We’ve got plenty of great gifts available for auction on QuiBids right now, from the bare (business-world) necessities on up to the kind of stuff that will make your businessperson the object of his or her office’s jealousy. Between these gifts and a suit as sharp as Don Draper’s (pictured), your grad’ll be ready to swim with the sharks.

Thermos Nissan Stainless Steel Tumbler

tumbler on quibids

For most new hires fresh out of college, the first and most trying challenge of professional life is the daily grind of waking up much earlier than what was previously customary. Most temper it with another daily grind, the kind you keep in one of these helpful  coffee tumblers by Thermos. We recommend this one in particular because it fits most in-car drink holders, which means that you’ll save plenty of time on your morning commute!

$15 BP Gift Card
Speaking of that morning commute, we do sell gift cards to loads of gas stations, including BP, Shell, Sunoco and ARCO PumpPASS Cards, too. Every little bit helps, especially if you have to do the drive to and from the suburbs every morning and afternoon!

Aquaswiss Trax 5H Watch

aquaswiss watch on quibids

A suit without a watch is like a crown without a jewel. It just pulls everything together and demands a certain amount of respect. And of course, if you don’t think this one by Aquaswiss isn’t your style, there are plenty of others to choose from in our Watches category.

Royal P10 Electric Pencil Sharpener
Your grad probably hasn’t had to use a pencil sharpener since the days of those hand-spinning ones that stick out of elementary school walls, but that’s all the more reason to upgrade to this nifty, super-clean, easy-to-use electric sharpener by Royal. It stays on your desk without making a mess!

Aluratek Cinepad 8GB Android Tablet

quibids android tablet

This is the kind of hardware that sends a message to the rest of the office. That your grad is ready to work, and not to be taken anything less than seriously! With eight gigs of flash memory and Wi-Fi, it gives you that convenient connection to the Internet that an old-fashioned notepad can’t!

Canon Desktop Calculator
Here’s another basic tool that your desk looks naked without. Whether you’re compiling a couple spreadsheets’ worth of information or just trying to figure out some basic figures, this guy’s got the big, tough-to-miss buttons that ensure you do the right calculations every time.