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Apr 16

Start Your Engines!

Posted by Lindsey Kaissling under Products

driving car

We want to show you that bigger toys mean bigger fun with this year’s new models of ride on toys and scooters. We’re auctioning off everything from pedal and push toys for the little ones, to miniature battery-powered sports cars, and Gas-powered bikes for the big kids. ¬†You don’t want to miss out on great deals on toys that will have the kids begging to play outside this summer!

Keep reading to see some of our favorites as well as some of the new models you may not have seen yet! Click each photo to go to the item’s product page. From there, you can find upcoming auctions to add to your Watchlist, or you can save time by choosing the Buy Now option to purchase the item directly from the QuiBids Store. Don’t forget, all QuiBids Store purchases come with free Voucher Bids!

Push/Pedal Powered

Big Jimmy Loader Plus Trailer Pedal Tractor

Big Jimmy Loader Plus Trailer Pedal Tractor - Green -

This interactive tractor is sure to provide years of enjoyment for little ones that love to use their imaginations. This tractor is pedal operated so kids can hop on and ride to their hearts content while also enjoying the cool features like the loader bucket that raises/lowers and the scoop that swivels to carry or dump the contents of the bucket. The tractor also comes with a matching trailer that can be hitched up and pulled along behind the tractor just like a real one! Buy it on QuiBids for $210.99 and receive 22 free bids with your purchase.

Quadra Bike

Quadra Bike - Pink -

One of our most popular kids bikes is the versatile Quadra Bike for ages 3-6. This unique bike adapts to suit your child’s needs as they grows more confident in their abilities. Quickly and easily change the tires out to go from a quad to a trike, to a 2-wheeled bicycle! Buy this bike in the QuiBids Store for $140.99 and get 15 free bids!

Big Linde Forklift Pedal Riding Toy

Big Linde Forklift Pedal Riding Toy -

Big Toys USA does it again, bringing you another great interactive pedal toy for kids 3 and up. This realisic-looking forklift actually moves up and down to allow for hours imaginative play. The operators cab can also be removed from the stroke stand, so you can use the trailer coupling in the front or back of the cab when you need to haul your load. Buy Now for $329.99 and receive 33 free bids!


Big Toys Ferrari California 12V Car

Big Toys Ferrari California 12V Car - Red

This Minature Ferrari will be the envy of the whole neighborhood. This bright red, eye-catching sports car is sure to get everyone’s attention. Recommended for ages 3-6, it drives at a safe 5mph with an impressive 1.5 hours of drive time! Buy this gem for $594.99 and get 60 free bids.

MotoTec MT-ATV 24 Volts Mini Quad

MotoTec MT-ATV 24 Volts Mini Quad - Blue

With this mini ATV, the little ones can feel just like the big kids driving through the back yard, down the driveway, or cruising over dirt trails. This mini quad comes with 2 large 12v 12amp batteries for longer drive times and comes with a rear reflector so kids can continue riding safely into the evening hours. Topping out at 8 mph, this ATV is recommended for kids ages 5-8. Buy Now for $472.99 and receive 48 Free Bids.

MotoTec MT-03 36 V Electric Pocket Bike

MotoTec MT-03 36 Volts Electric Pocket Bike - Black

Topping out at 20mph, this bike is a great option for kids ages 12 and up. They can enjoy the thrill of riding a powered bike, while still staying at safe speeds riding around a neighborhood or parking lot. This sleek bike design with 11-inch street tires looks great and provides longer rides than the competition with 3 large 12v batteries. Buy it for $389.99 and get 39 free bids with your purchase.


MotoTec Gas Pocket Bike

MotoTec MT-GP_Black Gas Pocket Bike - Black -

MotoTec’s gas-powered bike provides hours of fun for older kids or even adults! This bike is recommended for ages 13+ with a weight limit of up to 170lbs! The 1.25 liter gas tank is large enough to allow for 20 miles of cruising around cones, or speeding through trails. Buy Now for $319.99 and receive 32 free bids!

Wheelman 50cc Gas Skateboard

Wheelman 50cc Gas Skateboard - White -

Another great toy for teens or young adults is the Wheelman Gas-Powered Skateboard. Also known as a “Bushpig”, “G-Wheel”, “G-Motion”, or “Xcite Bike”, the Wheelman is very popular among teens and college students for its maneuverability and speed. The 1-liter tank offers a run time of over 1 hour, and can move at up to 25mph. The unique hand-held controller also allows the rider to have more control over their speed and braking ability. Buy Now from the QuiBids Store for $529.99 and receive 53 Free Bids with the purchase.

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Which of these items would your child (or grandchild) have the most fun with? Tell us in the comments!

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