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We want to hear what you thought about our April Fools’ auctions!

We’re pretty big on celebrating holidays here at QuiBids, and April Fools’ Day was no exception this year. We got festive by “hosting” 21 auctions of a unique nature and by “unique nature” I mean that they were a big … Continue reading

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Happy April Fool’s Day from QuiBids!

In case you missed them, here are the 21 fictitious, but nonetheless awesome products we hosted auctions for today on QuiBids! All are valued at a $500,000 Buy Now price, but hey — shipping’s free! How many of the six … Continue reading

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Win an Aladdin-Guided Magic Carpet Ride on QuiBids

When did you last let your heart decide to explore a new, fantastic point of view? Do you find yourself constantly dreaming about shining, shimmering splendor? Of a dazzling place you never knew?

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Win a Zombie Apocalypse Survival Kit on QuiBids

Quick! You’re pinned down inside a J.C. Penney’s while a horde of merciless, flesh-hungry undead is steadily cracking its way through the department store’s glass partitions. Your group escaped through the air duct, but it broke while you were climbing … Continue reading

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Win the Worst Car in America on QuiBids

Here at QuiBids, we’re always trying to offer the right products that you would want to see up for auction. With the continued growth of our company, our search for the quality products to auction is a never-ending journey.  However, … Continue reading

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Controversial Auction Line-Up Revealed

Drop what you’re doing, find a quiet place to sit down, and make yourself comfortable. You have just stumbled across the unveiling of QuiBids’ highly anticipated and potentially controversial Mystery Auctions.  Our new ‘non-traditional’ vendor has supplied QuiBids with some … Continue reading

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