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The 8 best deals on QuiBids while I worked here

Sad news, QuiBidders: Today’s my last day as your regular blogger. Next week I’ll return to my first professional love of working for newspapers but don’t let that dampen your QuiBids spirts ‘cause Jill and Blake will keep this blog … Continue reading

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The 12 best photos of QuiBidders showing off their wins

We love when you guys share your QuiBids auction wins with us. It’s like you’re passing that good feeling you get when you win around to share with others. Some of you got so good at it that we could expect … Continue reading

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QuiBidders raise more than $3,500 for victims of the Oklahoma tornados

We’re happy to report that you guys’ bidding on our recent round of charity auctions raised more than $3,500 to be donated to the Central and Western Oklahoma Region chapter of the American Red Cross! The money will contribute to … Continue reading

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The 10 best QuiBids auction wins in May

Eye-popping auction wins are far from rare here at QuiBids. In fact they’re so commonplace that each month we don’t have to look far to find ten really juicy ones. So check out these impressive auction wins and tell us … Continue reading

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New products: We’ve got the latest Samsung Galaxy Note!

Just like the universe, QuiBids’ selection of products is ever-expanding. (Though at a slightly slower rate, probably.) Check out five brand-new, totally awesome products that we’ve got available for auction starting right now!

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Your Watchlist is now easier to use

If you pay close attention to QuiBids’ Facebook page you might have noticed that we recently updated the functionality of your Watchlist. So here’s a little blog post entailing some more information about that update, with step-by-step instructions for how … Continue reading

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11 crazy auction wins for 10 bids or less

Sometimes all it takes to win a QuiBids auction is a single, well-timed bid. Other times it takes more bids than, sometimes as many as ten bids, even for expensive, high-end products! Here are 11 pretty amazing recent QuiBids auction wins … Continue reading

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Here’s how to win an iPad on QuiBids

QuiBids’ commercials push heavy on the deals you can win on the site, but, as with most advertisements, reality doesn’t always pan out exactly the way your expectations are stoked. So for those wondering whether or not our claims that … Continue reading

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Happy April Fool’s Day from QuiBids!

In case you missed them, here are the 21 fictitious, but nonetheless awesome products we hosted auctions for today on QuiBids! All are valued at a $500,000 Buy Now price, but hey — shipping’s free! How many of the six … Continue reading

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QuiBidder of the Week – Marion G.

Congrats to our newest Featured QuiBidder, Marion G. from the United States.   Like many who have used the site before her, Marion was skeptical about the legitimacy of QuiBids. However, after reading through the materials on our site, Marion soon … Continue reading

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