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6 problems you won’t run into on QuiBids

Every online auction site has its problems, but here at QuiBids we’ve done our best to respond to customers’ recommendations and ideas at every turn because we think that keeping an open dialogue will help naturally improve and build on … Continue reading

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5 reasons why QuiBids is the world’s best bidding site!

Sure there are a ton of bidding sites out there to choose from. But when it comes to your money, QuiBids is the only place worth bidding. Yes, we realize that as one of these many bidding sites, we’re not … Continue reading

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The best deals on QuiBids in October

Another month, another bevy of crazy deals on QuiBids. QuiBids isn’t the world’s best bidding site for no reason — day in and day out customers score deals on QuiBids with a frequency that’s just unmatched anywhere else online. How … Continue reading

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8 big deals on tablets!

The market for customer electronics moves about as fast as Internet connection speeds these days and trying to keep up with the onslaught of new and updated products can be as frustrating as waiting on dial-up to connect. And that’s … Continue reading

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Beginner Auctions: What you need to know!

Here’s a QuiBids riddle for you: What auction can you only win once? If you’re good at reading headlines, then you’ve probably already figured out that the answer is a Beginner Auction. But that raises two more important questions: What … Continue reading

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Above and Beyond Employees: Rick Baker

Since there aren’t a whole bunch of tech companies in Oklahoma, there aren’t a whole lot of guys quite like Rick Baker around here either. He’s been working for our Technology department since June of last year, and they’ve grown … Continue reading

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What are QuiBids Speed Auctions?

We always let you know whenever we’ve implemented something new on the site —you wouldn’t want to play a game where the rules change in the middle of your turn, would you?— because we want our customers to be the … Continue reading

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Video Contest: What do YOU do with YOUR QuiBids wins? [Win an iPad 3!]

Once again, it’s time to break out whatever camera equipment —smartphone, laptop, GoPro, DSLR, etc.— you’ve got, because we here at QuiBids want to know what you do with the great products you win! We’ve teamed up with PennyBurners for … Continue reading

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