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Winning just got easier with Locked Auctions!

What does everyone seem to hate?  Competition.  What does everyone love?  Winning!  We have been hearing a lot from customers about competition making it difficult to win auctions, and we are happy to announce a feature, Locked Auctions, that we’re sure will … Continue reading

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Buy Now vs. QuiBids Store

Since QuiBids Store debuted back in November, QuiBidders have seen their shopping and purchasing options increase well beyond the one-auction-one-product setup that the site debuted with in 2009. And I’m not just talking about the ability to pick from a … Continue reading

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6 problems you won’t run into on QuiBids

Every online auction site has its problems, but here at QuiBids we’ve done our best to respond to customers’ recommendations and ideas at every turn because we think that keeping an open dialogue will help naturally improve and build on … Continue reading

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QuiBidder of the Week – Nachaat A.

Lower value items like gift cards are typically the easiest products to win on QuiBids, which is why we’d like to highlight the newest QuiBidder of the Week, Nachaat A., who has an interesting bidding strategy which involves only bidding … Continue reading

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Like QuiBids? Leave a review!

If there’s one thing that the Internet’s proven for certain, it’s that people love to share their opinions as far and wide as they’ll reach. We’re totally behind that inclination to share here at QuiBids. If you enjoy a product … Continue reading

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QuiBids Product Spotlight: WMF Collier 8-Piece Cookware Set

Oftentimes QuiBids customers come to our site in search of flashier, exciting products like golf clubs, televisions, and anything and everything manufactured by Apple (though at the moment all we’ve got is iPads — sorry ’bout that). What these people … Continue reading

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The Bid-O-Matic Explained

QuiBids.com is one of the most entertaining ways to shop online. Every day thousands of people win brand-new products at a fraction of retail price while bidding on QuiBids.  One obstacle that tends to wedge itself between QuiBidders and that … Continue reading

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