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The 8 best deals on QuiBids while I worked here

Sad news, QuiBidders: Today’s my last day as your regular blogger. Next week I’ll return to my first professional love of working for newspapers but don’t let that dampen your QuiBids spirts ‘cause Jill and Blake will keep this blog … Continue reading

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The 10 best QuiBids auction wins in May

Eye-popping auction wins are far from rare here at QuiBids. In fact they’re so commonplace that each month we don’t have to look far to find ten really juicy ones. So check out these impressive auction wins and tell us … Continue reading

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Looking for a deal on QuiBids? Check out our luggage sets!

With all the flashy electronics and universal free shipping (for U.S. customers) even on large items like furniture, certain must-have products tend to get overlooked on QuiBids. Customers go for less-essential but really fun stuff like video games and golf … Continue reading

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11 crazy auction wins for 10 bids or less

Sometimes all it takes to win a QuiBids auction is a single, well-timed bid. Other times it takes more bids than, sometimes as many as ten bids, even for expensive, high-end products! Here are 11 pretty amazing recent QuiBids auction wins … Continue reading

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New products on QuiBids: We’ve got crabmeat!

Back in October 2012 we debuted QuiBids’ multiple-product auction format because customers wanted a wider selection of products. And now, about half a year later we’ve gotten to the point where we’re adding so many new products to the site … Continue reading

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75 MORE auctions won for one bid on QuiBids!

Remember a while back when we tracked down 75 products that QuiBidders won for a single bid? Well, by my calculations there’ve been roughly one and a half gazillion auctions on the site since then, and that means roughly one … Continue reading

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An interview with an auction expert: Nicholas Boccio

Back in its heyday, PennyBurners.com regularly published the most up-to-date news about the online/penny auction industry, hosted a regular radio show, and boasted an active message board where customers gathered to speculate, swap rumors, and read up on auction strategy. … Continue reading

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7 ways QuiBids is different from eBay

Though we both qualify as online auction sites, QuiBids and eBay differ in a lot of ways. I’m sure this distinction is small potatoes to eBay as it’s a much larger, publicly traded, multi-national startup that reported over $14 billion … Continue reading

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QuiBids Product Spotlight: Dr. Dre iBeats Headphones

Like listening to music that sounds as crisp and precise as when it was recorded, but don’t like the headaches you get from wearing bulky, noise-canceling headphones? Sounds like you’re more of an in-ear/earbuds kind of guy or gal. And … Continue reading

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