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The 12 best photos of QuiBidders showing off their wins

We love when you guys share your QuiBids auction wins with us. It’s like you’re passing that good feeling you get when you win around to share with others. Some of you got so good at it that we could expect … Continue reading

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What’s the best way to compare products on QuiBids?

When it comes to comparing products to decide what you want or need, you’ve got two main options on QuiBids. Please, allow me to break them down for you, so that you might go about being a sharper, savvier shopper!

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New products: We’ve got the latest Samsung Galaxy Note!

Just like the universe, QuiBids’ selection of products is ever-expanding. (Though at a slightly slower rate, probably.) Check out five brand-new, totally awesome products that we’ve got available for auction starting right now!

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Your Watchlist is now easier to use

If you pay close attention to QuiBids’ Facebook page you might have noticed that we recently updated the functionality of your Watchlist. So here’s a little blog post entailing some more information about that update, with step-by-step instructions for how … Continue reading

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Get ready for blowout auctions tonight!

You ever see a movie with at least one scene set on an oil rig? From there it’s about a 90% increase in the likelihood that you’re going to get a totally awesome blowout scene, the kind where ten stories’ … Continue reading

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New products on QuiBids: We’ve got crabmeat!

Back in October 2012 we debuted QuiBids’ multiple-product auction format because customers wanted a wider selection of products. And now, about half a year later we’ve gotten to the point where we’re adding so many new products to the site … Continue reading

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A reminder that writing product reviews might win you an iPad Mini this month

Have you been writing QuiBids product reviews this month? The more reviews you write, the better your odds of winning a totally free drawing for an iPad Mini! Pretty straightforward deal, no? The only big hurdle in your way is … Continue reading

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Here’s how to win an iPad on QuiBids

QuiBids’ commercials push heavy on the deals you can win on the site, but, as with most advertisements, reality doesn’t always pan out exactly the way your expectations are stoked. So for those wondering whether or not our claims that … Continue reading

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15 big QuiBids wins with Voucher Bids

You ever stockpile Voucher Bids to make a crazy attempt at a big-time product? You’re not alone. There’s a ton of different strategies for winning QuiBids auctions and throwing a bunch of saved-up Voucher Bids at them often pays off … Continue reading

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Getting the most out of your QBar

So earlier this week we talked about the different things you needed to find consistent success on QuiBids  and one of those qualities was good managerial skills. Why is that? Well since dozens of QuiBids auctions could end at any … Continue reading

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