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The 12 best photos of QuiBidders showing off their wins

We love when you guys share your QuiBids auction wins with us. It’s like you’re passing that good feeling you get when you win around to share with others. Some of you got so good at it that we could expect … Continue reading

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The 10 best QuiBids auction wins in May

Eye-popping auction wins are far from rare here at QuiBids. In fact they’re so commonplace that each month we don’t have to look far to find ten really juicy ones. So check out these impressive auction wins and tell us … Continue reading

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Looking for a deal on QuiBids? Check out our luggage sets!

With all the flashy electronics and universal free shipping (for U.S. customers) even on large items like furniture, certain must-have products tend to get overlooked on QuiBids. Customers go for less-essential but really fun stuff like video games and golf … Continue reading

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New products on QuiBids: Fishing reels and zombie shooters!

All this stuff’s now officially available for bidding or Buy Now-ing on QuiBids! So what are you waiting for? Get to it and win these auctions!

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17 wins QuiBidders are clearly stoked about!

If there’s one thing we’ve learned since opening QuiBids for business in 2009, it’s that people love bargains. And I don’t mean that in the casual “Oh man I love these tacos”-sort of way. I’m talking full-on, jump-up-and-down, shout so … Continue reading

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The 10 best deals on QuiBids in February

50% off? Weak. 75% off? That’s for pansies. 95% off? Now we’re talking. Every month customers walk away with some crazy, crazy deals here on QuiBids, sometimes in the neighborhood of 99% off. It happens, we promise — and more … Continue reading

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6 problems you won’t run into on QuiBids

Every online auction site has its problems, but here at QuiBids we’ve done our best to respond to customers’ recommendations and ideas at every turn because we think that keeping an open dialogue will help naturally improve and build on … Continue reading

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How to save money on QuiBids!

How often do you come across high-end electronics or big home and garden products that are actually on sale? I don’t mean We’re Trying to Ditch that Big Pile of Last Year’s Model Inventory Still Laying Around in the Back … Continue reading

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26 computer monitors won for 90% off or better on QuiBids

We’re always finding people online who don’t think QuiBids auctions are legit. It’s understandable. You’d have to suspend reality to reasonably consider a company selling top-of-the-line electronics at 90% off what everybody else is. But QuiBids auctions are a rare … Continue reading

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QuiBids Above and Beyond Managers: Mark Moderie

It’s Above and Beyond Manager time once again! This month’s outstanding employee is Mark Moderie who came to Oklahoma City to work in our Merchandising department a few months ago from sunshiny California. Mark manages our Electronics and Gift Cards … Continue reading

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