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QuiBids Tips to Build an Online Auction Strategy

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK – QuiBids speaks out about some auction tips that will help consumers bid more wisely on its site. Since day one, it implemented what is known as QuiBids101, an information portal with added insight into how QuiBids.com operates. Some of the strategies include being patient, … Continue reading

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What’s the best way to compare products on QuiBids?

When it comes to comparing products to decide what you want or need, you’ve got two main options on QuiBids. Please, allow me to break them down for you, so that you might go about being a sharper, savvier shopper!

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Here’s how to win an iPad on QuiBids

QuiBids’ commercials push heavy on the deals you can win on the site, but, as with most advertisements, reality doesn’t always pan out exactly the way your expectations are stoked. So for those wondering whether or not our claims that … Continue reading

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How to save money on QuiBids!

How often do you come across high-end electronics or big home and garden products that are actually on sale? I don’t mean We’re Trying to Ditch that Big Pile of Last Year’s Model Inventory Still Laying Around in the Back … Continue reading

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Using auction statistics in your QuiBids strategy

We talk a lot about QuiBids strategy around here, but there’s really no substitute for thinking outside the box! Taking the information that’s readily available is for newbies — you’re experienced and smart enough to interpret and apply it! In … Continue reading

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What’s YouTube saying about QuiBids?

Alright, time to fess up. Which of you are YouTube junkies? QuiBids is on YouTube and we’re not just talking specifically about our own channel.  Customers use the video streaming site to share their QuiBids strategies, tips, tricks, mostly with … Continue reading

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9 things to know when you’re hunting for a big item on QuiBids

It’s a well-documented and universally human trait that —when we see especially big items with small price tags— our eyes expand to about eight times their normal size and sometimes even pop out of our heads and dance around a … Continue reading

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How QuiBids Store and auctions complement each other

Unless you’ve been without a connection to the Internet for the last month —or you perhaps just joined QuiBids during that time, in which case, welcome!— you should know that November saw the biggest update to the site since this … Continue reading

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QuiBidder of the Week – Josh P.

It’s Monday, which means it’s time to introduce the newest QuiBidder of the Week, Josh P.! Josh has already won numerous items on QuiBids, but like many other newbies to the site, Josh was skeptical about joining. How could someone … Continue reading

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