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Share the Love with Facebook Friends

If you haven’t taken advantage of QuiBids’ Share the Love promotion, you’re definitely missing out!  Of the many activities going on this month, the gift-giving app on our Facebook page, is probably one of the lesser known aspects of this … Continue reading

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Groundhog Hunting with QuiBids on Groundhog Day

Every year on February 2, people all across North America tune in to see if the famous weather forecasting groundhog will emerge from its burrow, or see its shadow and retreat back underground.  Traditionally, if the groundhog sees its shadow, … Continue reading

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QuiBids Helps Children in Need One RT at a Time

It’s officially February, which means it’s time to Share the Love with QuiBids! Have you heard the news?  Today marks the start of the Share the Love festivities on QuiBids Facebook Page!  Be sure to check out our recent blog … Continue reading

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Share the Love in February

Starting the month of February, we’ll be Sharing the Love!  What love is that but the love we’re showing to our customers.  Yes, sounds kind of cheesy but we’re serious!  Without you all, we wouldn’t be where we are today.  … Continue reading

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The Training Day Badge on QuiBids

QuiBids offers many different badges that bidders can earn by accomplishing various objectives while participating on the site.  Not only are these badges fun to collect, but free bids can also be also attached with them!  One of the easiest … Continue reading

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QuiBidder of the Week

We thought we’d have some fun starting this new event.  Plus, we’d just like to recognize a customer every week starting Feb. 1st from then on out.  Why?  Quite simply, you all are awesome and we’re just thrilled to have your … Continue reading

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The Nikon J1 vs. the Sony NEX-C3 Camera Comparison

Are you interested in bidding on one of the high-quality camera’s found on QuiBids?  From the simpler “point and shoot” cameras, to the more complex and feature-rich ones, QuiBids offers a great assortment to choose from.  The hardest part just … Continue reading

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Need help? Try QuiBids Support.

Do you have a question about QuiBids? Are you having trouble understanding the website? If you ever have any issue or questions that arise while using QuiBids, don’t hesitate to contact customer support. How do you contact QuiBids customer support, … Continue reading

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QuiBids at CES 2012

And… we’re back!  You may recall our “road trip” to CES from 2011.  Well, we’re once again out at this Las Vegas Convention to see what some of the newest and hottest products are that are soon to hit stores … Continue reading

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QuiBids New Blog

As previously mentioned, we have multiple things in store for 2012.  For us, one way to create a sense of renewal for the new year is through our blog.  We decided to implement a nicer, cleaner layout. But not only … Continue reading

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