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When do you use Real Bids and when do you use Voucher Bids?

Today on the QuiBids blog I’d like to host a little discussion about Real Bids and Voucher Bids. I’m curious to know our customers’ thoughts here: When do you use one as opposed to the other? Since Voucher Bids don’t … Continue reading

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QuiBids Product Spotlight: WMF Collier 8-Piece Cookware Set

Oftentimes QuiBids customers come to our site in search of flashier, exciting products like golf clubs, televisions, and anything and everything manufactured by Apple (though at the moment all we’ve got is iPads — sorry ’bout that). What these people … Continue reading

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Real Bids vs. Voucher Bids

Within the wild, wonderful world of QuiBids, you’re well-served to operate on a strategy. Like Bobby Fischer sacrificing his queen to win the Game of the Century, or Bruce Lee pummeling opponents with a combination of minimal movement and extreme … Continue reading

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