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Dec 28

Take a Break, Take a Holiday Poll

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Every year the holiday season seems to get busier, doesn’t it?  There always seems to be heavy traffic everywhere, people running into others, mad dashes to get the last popular toy of the season, wars over who gets the last frozen turkey at the store, etc.  Then there’s always hanging out with extended family for an abnormal amount of time.  However, isn’t that part of the fun too?

As the old saying goes, “to each their own.”  Some people may thrive on the excitement of the hunt for the coveted LalaLoopsy doll, when others may just as rather shop online and get their Holiday shopping done by the comfort of their own home.  (We actually prefer shopping online, hint hint!)  Whatever the case, the holidays should be a time of family, friends, remembering others and giving.

But knowing that everyone is different, we thought we’d have some fun and provide a quick Holiday Poll to see what your thoughts were on the Holiday season.  Take a break and a second to cast your vote on how you’re feeling this holiday season:


Are you enthused with the season and could do it year round?!  Or are you the type that has to get back to work… and you’re secretly already working through your email even though you’re “off?”  We’d like to know.  We’ll post the results next week, so stay tuned!


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