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Jun 06

The 12 best photos of QuiBidders showing off their wins

Posted by Matt Carney under Testimonials

quibids auction wins

We love when you guys share your QuiBids auction wins with us. It’s like you’re passing that good feeling you get when you win around to share with others.

Some of you got so good at it that we could expect pictures of your wins on the regular, and, at various times we’ve even hosted contests around it. The end result? Piles of people mugging with their auction wins stacked up in our computer’s hard drives.

So I went through and picked out the 12 with the most impressive stacks of wins and happiest faces. Because who doesn’t love winning on QuiBids?

1. At first notice, you probably didn’t notice the owner of all these auction wins in this photo.


2. It looks like Rick here had a whole room in his house where he set aside his QuiBids wins. That’s our kinda style right there.


3. Having auctions wins are obviously a plus, but your cute kids are going to get you a lot farther when it comes to getting featured on the QuiBids blog. 


4. A telescope, dartboard, and video game equipment aplenty? All impressive, but that homemade WINNING T-shirt really says it all.


5. Let’s see, what do we have here? Couple travel bags, a vacuum and some fancy cooking gear? Looks like somebody plans on living large on their next trip out of town.


6. This one’s a little blurry but you can still spot some impressive wins in there.


7. It wasn’t enough for this guy to just post his wins — he had to tally up the savings too. Alright, we get it, you’re awesome guy.


8. “Just a waffle maker?” you might say. To that we reply, “But look at how cute that kid is!”


9. I’m pretty sure we —QuiBids— are losing some serious money at this point. Look at all that stuff!


10. Again, cute kid + wins (or just one win, really) = you on the list.


11.Looks like somebody’s got some growing boys who are Major League Baseball fans!


12. Woah.


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