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Apr 09

The 7 things you need to win more auctions

Posted by Matt Carney under Tips & Strategy

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Do you ever wonder how some people just seem to pull in all the big QuiBids auction wins? It’s kinda the natural inclination whenever those QuiBidder of the Week photos pop up every Monday, like “Dang. That’s a lot of stuff.”

Since we QuiBids employees can’t bid on the site we actually experience that exact same reaction. But we also talk with customers pretty regularly —both on the phones in our Customer Support department and on our social profiles like Facebook and Twitter) and in doing so we’ve noticed some trends among our more successful bidders. So check these out and see if you’ve got what it takes to win auctions consistently on QuiBids.

1. Patience

Setting yourself up for success in QuiBids auctions starts with waiting for the right one to come along. In evaluating a potential auction for participation, here are a couple questions worth considering:

The time to strike is when the stars all line up with favorable answers to these questions, but you need a certain patience for that time to come!

2. Shrewdness

Coming up with a really sharp strategy for winning an auction is half the battle but it’s an integrally important half. It’s different from having patience because a really sharp strategy is going to help you overcome adversarial factors like the time of day and other bidders’ interest in the auction. You can find some pretty good strategies in the QuiBidder of the Week and Tips & Strategy sections of the QuiBids blog.

3. Execution

This is the other half of the aforementioned battle. A strategy’s all well and good but if you don’t carry through with it then all that time spent planning goes to waste. While being decisive may not always guarantee victory, I can guarantee that it’s a better strategy than waffling back and forth, trying to decide if you really want to go through with it or not. QuiBids auctions are fast-paced, so once you decide to go after one, go after it! Don’t just stand around wondering whether or not you should while other people get in the mix and bid.

4. A sharp focus

It’s easy to lose sight of your goals, so keep your focus where it needs to be by writing them down and keeping them near your computer.

5. Good management skills

QuiBids is a big website and there’s a lot to keep up with! Knowing when your Voucher Bids expire, how to easily get more bids without spending any money, and keeping track of your account settings are just three day-to-day things you’ve got to stay on top of if you’re going to get the bang for your buck. Luckily we’ve got My QuiBids and the QBar to centralize a lot of this stuff, but it’s still good to stay on top of what-all QuiBids offers you by staying knowledgeable, and the QuiBids blog (which you are now reading) is a great way to do that.

6. Consistency

Speaking of the QuiBids blog, we update it every day and that’s how often you ought to get into the habit of checking in with us if you want to see increased success in your auction game. Brushing up your skills, learning about new features, and staying up with our free-to-participate-in promotions will keep you in the know around here.

7. When the occasion calls for it, all-out, nuclear aggression

Sometimes you just gotta go bonkers. Some of our most successful —and by “most successful,” I mean “winningest”— customers are the ones who don’t back down from a fight. So if you’ve spent months stashing away extra bids and now you’ve got a thousand to burn through in hopes of grabbing that super-nice HDTV, well, let it burn!


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