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Jun 07

The 8 best deals on QuiBids while I worked here

Posted by Matt Carney under News, Products


Sad news, QuiBidders: Today’s my last day as your regular blogger. Next week I’ll return to my first professional love of working for newspapers but don’t let that dampen your QuiBids spirts ‘cause Jill and Blake will keep this blog going in my stead.

It’s been a fun 15 months with you guys, in fact it was so much fun that it seems shorter, like it wasn’t so long ago. Remember Giuseppe’s Yugo? And how awkward the site used to look before we redesigned it? And the time I made you a snow angel? And the time I stayed late in the offense tearing the site apart looking for auctions that you won for just one bid? We’ve been through a lot together, y’all and I.

I’ve never been good at goodbyes, so I spent some time today poking around for the most impressive wins that stood out in my memory. After scouring through my brain, old emails, inter-office chats, and dated blog posts I’ve settled on these as the eight as the most impressive I’ve seen on the site in my tenure. And while I’m leaving, the deals won’t! Happy bidding guys!

Canon EOS 5D Mark ii
Total customer savings: 
$2,408.01 quibidsdealscanon5d1-e1356043148171

Panasonic Black Massage Chair
Total customer savings: $2,183.43

BMS Heritage 2012 150cc Gas Scooter
Total customer savings:


Apple iPad Wi-Fi 32 GB 4th Generation
Total customer savings: $629.82
ipad canada win

Samsung 55″ 1080p 3D HDTV
Total customer savings:


TaylorMade RBZ Combo Set
Total customer savings: $845.81


Sure, this one ended at $147.82, but c’mon, a $1,700 MacBook Pro for one bid?! Are you kidding me? QuiBids is ridiculous.

Apple MacBook Pro 13.3″
Total customer savings: $1,551.47