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Feb 10

The Beginner Badge on QuiBids

Posted by Blake Brown under Site Features

Beginner Badge

You might recall your first day of school or your first day at a new job.  Maybe you know the first words you spoke, or how old you were when you took your first steps.  Life is riddled with many milestones of ‘firsts.’  At QuiBids, we’d like to commemorate your first bid pack purchase by awarding you with The Beginner Badge and 5 FREE bids!  Once you’ve completed your first bid package purchase on QuiBids, you’re ready to embark on a unique opportunity to win enormous savings on thousands of brand name and factory-sealed products.

Every Great Bidder has a humble beginning, and every humble beginning deserves a little recognition.  The Beginner Badge is a monumental milestone in your QuiBids journey, relished by many thousands of satisfied QuiBidders that have come before you.

You just received The Beginner Badge.  Now what?

After you purchase your first bid package, check your email.  Your inbox should have a message from QuiBids that looks something like this (click image to expand):

QuiBids Email Notification - The Beginner Badge
This is a notification email from QuiBids letting you know that you have just earned the Beginner Badge.  Before your badge appears on your profile and the free bids are credited to your account, you must first claim this badge by going to the “My QuiBids” section of the site.   After you have The Beginner Badge on QuiBids, be sure to take the quiz located on QuiBids 101 and you will also earn The Training Day Badge and 3 FREE bids!

Are you just beginning your QuiBids journey?  Is there anything that you feel we left out?  Leave a comment below and tell us what you think!