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Jan 08

The December 2014 Top QuiBidders Winners are…

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December 2014 Top QuiBidders Winners

Congratulations to the December 2014 Top QuiBidders Winners!

December was a grand month on QuiBids. With the 12 Days of QuiBids promotion and all the creativity from our users on the page, it was truly an exciting month! Before we look back on the month we’d like to take a moment to recognize the Free Bids and Gameplay winners from December. Below are a list of the winners. Each of these bidders won rewards for their contributions to the QuiBids community on Facebook. 

Free 5X Gameplay

  • Ty Paker
  • Original Appy
  • Victoria Dean
  • Darinka Ferguson
  • Cindy Simon
  • Janise Curtis
  • Anne Wenceslao Carlson
  • Casimina Doner
  • Mary Hansen
  • Gary Oakes

Free 2X Gameplay

  • Aaron Raymond
  • David Anderson
  • Jeffrey Mcgee
  • John Kamioka
  • Jim Jim
  • David Gantt Jr.
  • Shea Johnson
  • Donald Briner
  • Paula Wheeler-Hurley
  • Daniel Hanson

Free 1X Gameplay

  • Connie Crawford Ehlmann
  • Sarah E. Brown
  • Kathy Breidel
  • Stan Lee Walton
  • Stacey Biscontini
  • Jorge Moreno
  • Leah Velz
  • Jasea Noyes
  • Noreen Ruscito
  • Denise Artley

25 Free Bids

  • Carletta Byrd Luster
  • David Delo
  • Daniel Aquino
  • Catherine Albergo
  • Amber Lynn Wellington
  • Anita McFarland
  • Kevin Stauder
  • Jimmy Mattingly
  • Shanon Clear Griffin
  • Antoine Olivier

10 Free Bids

  • Bernadette Richardson
  • Debbie Bracelin
  • Vanessa Lynn Turner
  • Jamie Decker
  • Toni Peadro

Be sure to congratulate the winners in the comments below! And now, here’s a look back at some of our favorite posts from the month.

Creative QuiBidders

Bina R. and QuiBids Wonderland

Connie E. and the Time Out Blues


Janise C. and Do you want to build a snowman?

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Thanks for another great month on QuiBids!


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