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Nov 06

The October 2014 Top QuiBidders Winners are…

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Top QuiBidders October 2014

Congratulations to the October 2014 Top QuiBidders Winners!

October was a big and busy month here at QuiBids. With Halloween and our 5th Birthday bash, there was always something going on. Before we look back on the month we’d like to take a moment to recognize the Free Bids and Gameplay winners from September. Below are a list of the winners. Each of these bidders won rewards for their contributions to the QuiBids community on Facebook. Go here to learn how you can earn points to move up the leaderboard and win rewards like these people.

Free 5X Gameplay

  • John Kamioka
  • David Anderson
  • Original Appy
  • Shanon Clear Griffin
  • Connie Crawford Ehlmann
  • Janise Curtis
  • Victoria Mauldin Dean
  • Mary Hansen
  • Kevin Stauder
  • Anne Wenceslao Carlson

Free 2X Gameplay

  • Shyamali Barua
  • Shawna Integraonly
  • Gary Oakes
  • Jack Edmonds
  • Karen Carnahan
  • Stan Lee Walton
  • Darinka Ferguson
  • Paula Wheeler-Hurley
  • Cindy Simon
  • Yvonne Sepulveda

Free 1X Gameplay

  • John Botts
  • Daniel Hanson
  • Phyllis Crochet
  • James Brinkman
  • Elaine Uberman Marks
  • Jeffree McGee
  • Paula Baker
  • David Gantt Jr.
  • Carol Curtis Parks
  • Nicole Antonellis

25 Free Bids

  • Robert McGee
  • Shirley Kirmes Hough
  • Antoine Olivier
  • Julia Seals
  • Vanessa Lynn Turner
  • Eddie Altuna
  • Antonio Garcia Jr.
  • Noreen Ruscito
  • Becky Tate Flatt
  • Lisa Engel Finley

10 Free Bids

  • Anita McFarland
  • Danielle Mizell
  • Denise Artley
  • Dave Linares
  • Angela Eddins

Be sure to congratulate the winners in the comments below! And now, here’s a look back at some of our favorite posts from the month.

Most Popular Posts

Yvonne S. – 3 Tier Cupcake Tray

Noreen R. – Invicta Men’s Pro Diver Watch

Hot Items For October

From your wins shared on Facebook, here’s a few of the most popular items to win for the month of October. Are you a member of the Whoopie Pie Club??

  • Bacon
  • Whoopie Pies
  • Haunted Auctions


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