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Dec 26

Ten Memorable QuiBids Wins from 2013

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Most Memorable QuiBids Wins of 2013

2013 has been a great year for QuiBids. We implemented updates to the bidding experience, like when we added the locking mechanism to auctions, or when we updated the Voucher Bid win limits to give more people more chances to win.  Plus, QuiBidders loved when we hosted special free-to-bid auction events, like the month of Gameplays, the PS4 Bundles, and even a NEW CAR!

What’s more important to us, however, is how our customers experienced the site in 2013. We saw great deals consistently being won on a daily basis. We picked out a few of the more memorable wins this year and ranked them below. 

1. Ford Focus S Sedan, SOLD for $0.00


On Cyber Monday this year, we let QuiBidders bid on a brand new 2013 Ford Focus for FREE! We covered the ending price as well. So when we say this car was free, we we're joking.

On Cyber Monday this year, we let QuiBidders bid on a brand new 2013 Ford Focus for FREE! We covered the ending price as well. So when we say this car was free, we’re not joking.

Winner: BearATO 
Date Won:
December 2, 2013 
Bids Placed:
0 Real / 0 Voucher 
Total Savings:

2. PlayStation 4 Bundle, SOLD for $0.00


PlayStation 4 Bundle sold for free on

During the week leading up to Black Friday, we hosted several free-to-bid PlayStation 4 Bundles. Kudos to those lucky QuiBidder kseals16, who was able to snag this one for free!

Winner: kseals16
Date Won: 
November 22, 2013 
Bids Placed: 
0 Real / 0 Voucher 
Total Savings: 

3. LG 55″ Smart 1080p HDTV, SOLD for $0.97


LG HDTV Sold on for $0.97

QuiBidder diva285 used only Voucher Bids to win this awesome TV, so she only had to pay the ending price, which ended up being less than a dollar for a TV that’s valued at almost $1100.00!

Winner: diva285
Date Won: 
November 12, 2013 
Bids Placed: 
0 Real / 21 Voucher 
Total Savings: 

4. Apple iPad w/ Retina Display 128GB, SOLD for $0.18


128GB iPad sold for $0.18 on

An iPad selling for $0.18 is a great deal on any day, but this one is special because it can hold 128GB of memory!

Winner: Blinkandlose
Date Won: 
August 11, 2013 
Bids Placed: 
6 Real / 0 Voucher 
Total Savings: 

5. Holiday Ham and Turkey Dinner, SOLD for $0.01


Omaha Steaks holiday ham and turkey dinner sold on for $0.01.

We put Omaha Steaks product on our site this year, and boy have QuiBidders loved saving money on these high quality meat and dinners. Let’s just say that we saw Omaha Steaks auctions ending at unbelievably low prices on a fairly consistent basis.

Winner: bstrong19523
Date Won: 
November 7, 2013 
Bids Placed: 
1 Real / 0 Voucher 
Total Savings: 

6. Waring Professional Food Slicer, SOLD for $0.33


Waring Professional Food Slicer sold for $0.33 on QuiBids

Not only did QuiBidder wannabawinner save over $400 on this meat slicer, but they also will be saving money by no longer needing to go to the butcher for sliced meat.

Winner: wannabawinner
Date Won: 
July 24, 2013 
Bids Placed: 
9 Real / 0 Voucher 
Total Savings: 

7. TaylorMade RocketBladez Iron Set, SOLD for $0.28


TaylorMade RocketBladez Iron Set for $0.28

Golfers will understand how unbelievable of a deal this is.

Date Won: 
November 27, 2013
Bids Placed: 
0 Real / 4 Voucher 
Total Savings: 

8. Canon EOS Rebel SL1 DSLR Camera, SOLD for $0.12


Canon DSLR sold on for $0.12

There’s only one word for a deal like this: Epic.

Winner: CINMUM
Date Won: 
July 17, 2013
Bids Placed: 
0 Real / 2 Voucher 
Total Savings: 

9. KitchenAid Stand Mixer, SOLD for $0.28


KitchenAid Stand Mixer sold on for $0.28.

This auction was won on December 20, so that means someone got an awesome Christmas present!

Winner: dljarman
Date Won: 
December 20, 2013
Bids Placed: 
0 Real / 7 Voucher 
Total Savings: 

10. Crosley Palm Harbor Outdoor Seating Set, SOLD for $1.23


Crosley Palm Harbor 4 piece outdoor seating set sold for $1.23

You can’t complain about saving 98% on patio furniture!

Winner: Astuto72
Date Won: 
August 23, 2013
Bids Placed:
29 Real / 0 Voucher 
Total Savings: 

That’s our list of most memorable QuiBids wins from 2013.  What was your best QuiBids win this past year? Tell us in the comments below!

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