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Jan 24

The Training Day Badge on QuiBids

Posted by Blake Brown under Site Features

The Training Day Badge - QuiBids Achievements

QuiBids offers many different badges that bidders can earn by accomplishing various objectives while participating on the site.  Not only are these badges fun to collect, but free bids can also be also attached with them!  One of the easiest badges to earn is The Training Day Badge.  To achieve this badge, you must first have earned The Beginner Badge

After you have The Beginner Badge, you then must pass the QuiBids 101 Quiz.

Click Here for tips on passing the QuiBids 101 Quiz.

Before taking the quiz, QuiBids strongly suggests making yourself familiar with the information in QuiBids 101.  To access QuiBids 101, click on the “QuiBids 101″ tab at the top of the QuiBids website:

QuiBids 101 Information Portal

Study all the articles contained on this page.   All of the articles are separated into the following 4 categories:

  • Tips and Tricks
  • Best Ways to Shop on QuiBids
  • Our Auction Model Explained
  • Customer Testimonials

It would also be beneficial to review the Frequently Asked Questions section of the site.  To access the FAQ, you can find the link titled “FAQ and Help” located at the bottom of the page:

How to find QuiBids FAQ and Help Information Portals

Once you feel you understand QuiBids well enough to pass the QuiBids 101 Quiz, go back to the QuiBids 101 page.  Click on the orange button that says “Take The QuiBids Quiz.”  It should look like this:

QuiBids Quiz Button for Free Bids

Once you pass this quiz, you will have earned The Training Day Badge along with 3 FREE bids!