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Feb 20

The Underdogs save the day for another lucky pup!

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Rufus the Underdog

Last year, two of our customer support representatives – Meike and Jared – started The Underdogs, a rescue organization that aims to give dogs better lives through “Rescue, rehabilitation, education, and community involvement.” Since then, we’ve watched them do great things here in our local community. During one such instance, they rescued a dog that was shot in the neck and found a foster parent to take this brave little pup into their family.

We want to give you another update as to what The Underdogs have been up to lately. In addition to the numerous adoption and rescue events they sponsor (you can keep up with these events by following them on Facebook), they were able to step in and save the life of yet another dog scheduled to be euthanized. Read on to hear the story. 

Rufus the Underdog

Help Rufus the Underdog find his new forever home!


Rufus is an 8-year-old male mini-dachshund who became paralyzed in his back legs after he ruptured a disc in his back last year. These kinds of injuries are unfortunately common in this type of breed. Rufus was able to get the surgery he needed but it left his back legs paralyzed. He has a cart, but he doesn’t like using it (who would?). He also has to be catheterized two times a day and is incontinent.

Rufus stayed with his family for 8 years, but the family had a second baby shortly after Rufus’ injury and they could no longer take care of him. So, he was scheduled to be euthanized on February 2nd of this year.

That’s where The Underdogs stepped in.

They were able to connect Rufus with a new, wonderful, and loving foster mom name Sherri. She was a great fit because she’s had experience with special needs dogs since her own dachsund, Tinker, is suffering from neurological damage.

Sherri is currently treating Rufus’ hind legs with water therapy, which has already shown some success on one of his paralyzed legs. However, he doesn’t let any of that phase him. Every second of life that Rufus gets to experience is now a blessing, and you can definitely tell this little guy is happy to be alive.

You can keep up with his progress by liking the Rufus’ Tales and Adventures FB page. He is still looking for his forever home, so feel free to share all of the content on his page to help get the word out about his ‘larger than life’ personality. If you know someone who would be interested in adopting Rufus, please send an email to or you can contact them via Facebook.

Also, please consider donating to The Underdogs via the link below to help ensure they have the resources to keep up the fantastic work.

>Donate to The Underdogs<

NOTE: The Underdogs co-founder, and QuiBids employee Meike, will bring Rufus to the new local Dog Talk Show on KSBI this Saturday, February 21. We’ll try to update this post with a link to the interview once it’s available.