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Dec 29

The Deal Wheel

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We have a new game for you to enjoy – it’s Deal Wheel!  Deal Wheel is the latest addition to QuiBids Games and is sure to be a good time. The average game time is about four minutes, with the skill level at a two.

Upon entering this game, you’ll be greeted with the oh-so-hip and peppy QuiBids theme music, along with a Deal Wheel tutorial of how the game works.  Be sure to read through the tutorial so you know what to expect.  You’ll have 5 spins, so use them wisely.  Hint: Watch out for the “Lose a Spin” panel!  After completing the quick tutorial, let the spinning err… fun begin!

We’re sure you’re all familiar with the game shows that usually have a buy out or “take this amount now and stop playing” offer to the contestant who starts collecting a certain amount of prizes.  Well, we’ve incorporated one in Deal Wheel to make the spinning action a little more interesting.  After a couple of spins you just might encounter this individual.  It’s up to you on whether you’d like to take his offer or ignore it to keep spinning the wheel for more bids.  What will you choose?

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With all our games, you have the opportunity to really rake in the bids!  Just how many will you get with Deal Wheel: 2, 4, 20, 100, 500…? Who knows, this may end up being your favorite game yet!  Speaking of, tell us what your thoughts are on Deal Wheel!  Have you given it a spin yet?
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  1. AztecCherokee66 says:

    I have two ideas to add challenge and rewards to each game. After a short time on QuiBids as an active bidder, but based more on observing auctions for 2 months prior to joining my ideas were formed. There has only been 1x game plays posted on auctions. Never have I seen any above 1x even after watching day and night at auctions after auctions pass by. If you really want to gain revenue from bids on auctions I do recommend posting more game play multipliers greater then 1x.

    Example for auction rewards: Action item value = $10-$50 use 1x; item value = $51-$75 use 2x; and so on. But when there is a featured item it would be fun to see how the bidding would go when a game play is added of 3x to 5x. I’m sure it would boost the bidding wars.

    Example for badges: I suggest adding in 1x game play reward with every 5 badges won. It’s not allot, but it would help newer bidders get a better chance of gaining at least one game play earlier on to learn more about the fun this site has.

    Even with all my prior observation time and research before joining I was about to quit until I finally won a 1x game play on an action. That one game play point made it worth wild to stick it out longer. This is coming from a business and data analyst that still lost more in costs of bids then what the items won are truly worth. So as a newbie I hope QuiBids seriously considers my suggestions as they are coming from a business analyst.