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Dec 17

This is how music and movies are supposed to sound!

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Whether you’re listening to Beyonce’s newly dropped album on iTunes, or you’re on the edge of your seat watching the Homeland season finale, it’s just not quite as enjoyable when the sound is coming out of poor speakers. Typically you’ll find that both movies and songs are produced with to include special surround sound capabilities, in addition to varying frequencies that can’t be picked up quite as well by your traditional speakers.

If you’re ready to upgrade your home audio equipment, we suggest checking out the new collection of Klipsh merchandise recently added to our inventory.  Whether you’re looking for surround sound, woofers, desk speakers, or headphones, you can’t go wrong if it’s from Klipsch.  Below are some of the Klipsch Audio items you can get on QuiBids right now. These items can be won in auctions, or you can simply buy them from the QuiBids Store and get free bids with every purchase.  

Klipsch HDT-600 Home Theater System

Klipsch home theater system on QuiBids

The Klipsch HD Theater 600 comes with four satellite speakers, a matching center channel speaker and a powerful subwoofer. It’s a complete, compact surround system that affordably adds crisp dialogue, brilliant music and explosive effects to your video content. Buy Now from the QuiBids Store for $599.99 and receive 60 Free Bids!

Klipsch Gallery G-42 Flat Panel Speaker

Klipsch G-42 Flat Panel Speaker on QuiBids

Designed with modern décor in mind, each Klipsch Gallery component is part of a true cross-over home audio solution, occupying minimal space and delivering enhanced sound – no matter the need or living environment. Buy Now from the QuiBids Store for $599.99 and receive 60 Free Bids!

Klipsch Quintet 5.0 Home Theater System

Klipsch Quintet Home Theater System on QuiBids

Comprised of four miniature speakers and a low-profile center channel the Klipsch Quintet home theater system incorporates decades of class-leading research and development experience. In fact it applies the same cutting-edge technology that’s found in their professional cinema products. Buy Now from the QuiBids Store for $549.99 and receive 55 Free Bids!

Klipsch AW 525 All-Weather Outdoor Loudspeaker Pair

Klipsch Outdoor Speaker Pair on QuiBids

The AW-525 all-weather loudspeaker brings clean clear dynamic Klipsch quality performances to patios terraces balconies gardens or poolsides. Buy Now from the QuiBids Store for $449.99 and receive 45 Free Bids!

Klipsch Synergy B-20 Bookshelf Speaker Pair

Klipsch Bookshelf Speaker Pair on QuiBids

The B-20 is complete with proprietary Tractrix® Horn technology which produces a unique combination of precision, clarity and effortless power. And thanks to its sleek, contemporary black finish and gray accents, the speaker blends in seamlessly with your décor. Buy it now from the QuiBids Store for $199.99 and receive 20 Free Bids!

Klipsch Image One Bluetooth On-Ear Headphones

Klipsch Bluetooth On-Ear Headphones on QuiBids

Connect wirelessly with your favorite artists thanks to the on-ear Image One Bluetooth headphones. The Hi-Fi Bluetooth capabilities allow for lossless audio quality wherever you go, with a foldable headband for ultimate portability. Buy Now from the QuiBids Store for $199.99 and receive 20 Free Bids!

Klipsch Image S4i In-Ear Headphones

Klipsch In-Ear Headphones on QuiBids

The Image S4 (II) from Klipsch is a pair of in-ear headphones that not only deliver full range audio with deep bass, but also provides a level of isolation from external noise. Buy Now from the QuiBids Store for $99.99 and receive 10 Free Bids!

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