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Oct 03

Top Comments from QuiBids Facebook Page – September 2012

Posted by Blake Brown under Testimonials

There’s more reasons to like QuiBids Facebook page than just for the free bids opportunities. Our Facebook page is full of QuiBidders discussing strategy, products, bidding, and just about anything related to QuiBids. Here are just a few of the top comments from our Facebook page in September.


QuiBids Facebook Round-Up: September 2012

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I love this site, I log in daily to see if there’s something I have to have, lol, my husband and I agreed no more than $50 per month spent on bids, I always win at least $200 worth of gift cards, in this economy where can you buy a $50 gift… card for less than $5 including your bids and shipping, I read Quibids 101 once a month to keep me up on the secrets, I forget, ha, I always come out ahead , so far and I have a blast doing it!!!!!See MoreDebbie Shoemaker Hamilton
I am a happy customer of Quibids. One of the items of an auction I won was not functioning as it should and Quibids helped me not only to return it but also recieve a replacement. I loveQuibids, they are not out to get you for anything and what you win is really yours. Thank you Quibids.Ivon Martinez
Got my waffle iron for $.05. Nothing to complain about here! The kids look forward to waffle night, every Sunday!Dan Hatter
My free bids got me this iPad!Cindy Harrold Blackwell
This is a fun way to buy stuffAbel Castillo
If you are new to Quibids, then welcome! There are many of us that want to see you have success. The more active users there are, the more auctions there are. Quibids is a legitimate business enterprize. If you have questions contact customer support. They are very helpful. Spend time watching auctions. Read everything you can. Ignore the nay sayers. Know your competition. Real bids and voucher bids are different. Be careful bidding on anything you’re not willing to buy (vouchers don’t count). Use BIN. You will need it! If you believe someone is cheating, report them. If you are new to Quibids, you should be able to get back more than your initial investment. Start slowly and figure out your strategy. Watch Youtube videos. If you have something more important to do, then go do it…spending time with family, etc. I’m fairly new to this, but I have won about 50 auctions. I have used BIN often. I sincerely hope the best for you, and there are many minor pointers we can give you. So, keeping reading all of these posts below.Rick McKenzie
Hey everyone. I’m Bryan from the Quibids TV ad. You can also see my photo on the registration page of the website. Anyway, Quibids is a great site and you can win many, many products at a substantial discount (this is 100% legit and the items are all brand new and as advertised). I encourage everyone new to the site to check out the Quibids 101 section before bidding. <br> Sometimes it’s easy to win, other times it’s not. After using Quibids for more than 2 years the best advice I can give is to be patient. You never know how an auction will end -sometimes you get lucky and win, other times you run out of bids and come back hours later to find the auction still going on and say, Thank God I got out when I did." The bottom line is you can never go wrong utilizing the site if you truly plan to buy that item anyway -worst case scenario is you pay full retail by utilizing the Buy It Now feature. <br> <br> One final note -there is a certain 1-2 hour window of time each day where at least some high end items sell for cheap. It’s up to you to discover this -HAPPY BIDDING! Bryan Tietz
Congratulaions to QuiBids on their global expansion! Here’s to many more successful ventures!Karen Carnahan all know who Paula Deen is right, well I just got her 15 piece Non-Stick cookware set for ONLY 0.73 which retails for 199.99 so thats a huge savings 0.73 where else can you get this kind of deal..Kandie May
won a e-reader on quibids for 1 cent. only thing i had to pay was shipping HAHAHA even though i dont read..i won something ..70 dollar item for a centChristian Jim Coppedge
What can you do in 20 minutes…go to quibids and win over 300+ dollars worth of stuff legally with only paying 10 dollars for all of them. No joke just did it, in a week I’ll have it…sweet.Matt Marcincin