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Oct 04

Top Tweets about QuiBids from September

Posted by Blake Brown under Testimonials

Do you currently follow QuiBids on Twitter?  If not, you should seriously consider it because we’re always providing helpful QuiBids Tips, in addition to daily free bids opportunities.  We also love engaging with our customers via Twitter.  Continue reading to see some of our favorite Tweets from QuiBidders in the past month.


QuiBids Twitter Round-Up: September 2012

Storified by QuiBids · Tue, Oct 02 2012 08:59:47

@QuiBids wooo!! So happy right now…My first Victory…Right place at right time…Thanks Quibids! #awesome #BuyNowBidderMatt Bilotti
@QuiBids Great opportunity to get steep discounts on great products, plus from my interactions with you, it’s obvious you’re quality folk.Michael Nonas
@QuiBids i love this site, i won a diamond heart ring for 1 penny thank you quibidsCINDY RICKETT
I’m addicted to quibids, won some new Oakleys for 6 cents #Ballin @itzboernerRoss Boeglin
@QuiBids won a Xbox 360 for 10$! doesn’t get better then thatMitch
@QuiBids Nothing tops the feeling of my first big win–still using my MacPro! Thanks, Q!Karen Carnahan
Won a pair of 100.00$ headphones for .10 cents off quibids. #wordNate Blanusa
@QuiBids just won $50 bp gift card and 1x game play for .71 and only used 5 voucher bids #99%off. Luv QuiBids :-)Marc Tripp
won 100 dollar earphones for 25 bucks and 25 dollar subway for 2 dollars total #quibids #winningggggNick Boustead
@QuiBids Mom bought new HDTV. Told her she needed HDMI cable. Came on QuiBids yesterday and won with voucher bids for $0.49. Shipped 2dayMichael Nonas
@QuiBids I won a $100 tablet for $7.10, 45 minutes ago with the 25bids awarded to me because I reached 1000 Bids! I LOVE BADGES! #QuiBidsWinMatt Bilotti
@QuiBids got a Roots DSLR bag for $0.03!Brandon Barks
@QuiBids whenever I am having a bad day I just log onto QuiBids and scroll through my wins. Here’s one of my favs. Bettig
@QuiBids I was able to snag myself a Black N Decker toaster oven using only 14 bids and I got it for $1.80! That’s value! #QuiBidsWinTJ
@QuiBids I won a silver ring for 1 penny that I gave to my mom! She doesn’t know it was only 1 penny. #FreebidsJose Z
I recently won over $250 of merchandise on @QuiBids In less than 24 hours for less than $20 total. #FREEBIDS helped me to get my #QuiBidsWinChris†oph Mac
Thank you @QuiBids!! #quibids #25dollars #winning Boustead
@QuiBids #winning B.
I just won a $100 Cuisinart Panini Press with only two bids on @Quibids! AHHH YAY! Less than $10 with Shipping!†oph Mac
Just won a $45 tent on @Quibids for $0.30! Less than $10 with shipping!†oph Mac
Just won a $40 grill set on @Quibids for $0.30! Less than $8.00 with shipping!!! 5 wins in less than an hour!†oph Mac
I started off the night by purchasing $30 in bids from @Quibids and walked away with $260+ in merchandise!!! I LOVE QUIBIDS!Chris†oph Mac
@QuiBids Damask Cali King 500 TC Mattress Pad $0.05 #QuiBidsWin Joseph
@QuiBids I won a Cuisinart 7Piece Nonstick Cookware Set a couple of days ago for the low price of just over $7.00 PS It’s worth $100#AwesomeMatt Bilotti
#quibidswin xbox live 12 month gold.card only 5 bucks and 15 bids @QuiBids ohh yeahT Nice
@QuiBids Won a Philips Norelco Razor for .35 and only 16 vouchers. Thanks Q.!Rick McKenzie
Congrats to @QuiBids on their Stevie award!Penny Auction List