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Oct 26

Troubleshooting your Refer a Friend issues

Posted by Matt Carney under Site Features


UPDATE (11-26-2014): There is a new way to refer your friends to QuiBids. Go here to learn more. 

Pop quiz: How many Voucher Bids do you get for referring a friend to QuiBids?

[It’s OK, take your time. We’ve got all day.]

[Looks around awkwardly. Pulls out phone to see any missed text messages or tweets. Checks watch.]

Alright, time’s up. The answer’s 20 Voucher Bids for a successfully completed Refer a Friend on QuiBids, but every so often we hear back from customers whose accounts weren’t credited with the bids after a friend signs up. And —understandably— they want to know what gives!

About 99% of the time the answer to their question is quite simple: The friend they referred simply signed up without using the customer’s referral link (see this previous blog post about how to Refer a Friend to learn how to get your unique referral link), thus leaving the original customer’s account uncredited. There are two pretty common scenarios that lead to this, but they can both be remedied by contacting QuiBids Customer Support.

Faulty Refer a Friend Scenario #1

Customer X emails his friend, Customer Y. “Hey Customer Y,” Customer X exclaims, “Did you know you can have a ton of fun bidding on brand-new, brand-name products at You should check it out!” Intrigued, Customer Y visits QuiBids and likes what she sees. “This is great!” she says, creating an account and immediately bidding in her first auction.

Excited that he referred his friend to QuiBids, Customer X hurries to My QuiBids to check his bid count and is immediately dismayed to learn that the promised 20 Voucher Bids are missing.

The problem here: While Customer X did technically refer a friend to QuiBids, he didn’t follow the proper channel to qualify for his 20 Voucher Bids. Because Customer Y didn’t follow Customer X’s unique referral link to sign up, we don’t know to credit Customer X’s account!

The solution: The good news here is that Customer X can still claim his 25 Voucher Bids. All he has to do is give Customer Y his username and instruct her to email QuiBids Customer Support saying that Customer X referred her to create a QuiBids account. Our Customer Support staffers will then credit his account with the bids he earned for his referral!

Faulty Refer a Friend Scenario #2

Upon learning that he can refer a friend for Free Bids, Customer X excitedly emails Customer Y his referral link telling her to check out this new site where he won a point-and-shoot camera. Customer Y follows the link to the site but instead of signing up immediately, cancels out of the tab and goes back to surfing the web. She later returns to QuiBids and creates an account, and eventually telling Customer X “Hey thanks for referring me! I love the site!”

Customer X finds once again that his 20 Voucher Bids are missing from his account.

The problem here: While Customer X did provide his unique referral link, Customer Y didn’t use it to sign up. Again, we don’t know to credit Customer X’s account.

The solution: It’s the same as above. If Customer Y contacts our Customer Support staff and tells them Customer X’s username and that she signed up for QuiBids because of him, they’ll be happy to provide Customer X’s account with the promised Voucher Bids.

So here are a couple of things to keep in mind when you’re referring friends to QuiBids, to ensure that your account will automatically be credited with your 20 Voucher Bids.

1. Make certain that you get your unique referral link from the Refer a Friend page under the My Account section of My QuiBids.

2. When your friend signs up for QuiBids, make totally certain that they do so through your referral link. Because otherwise we have no way of knowing for certain who told them about QuiBids in the first place!

3. Lastly, bear in mind that referring three friends earns you the Top Recruiter Badge, which comes with another 20 Voucher Bids! So it pays to Refer a Friend to QuiBids!

Happy bidding!