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Feb 08

Tune in for a live Q&A with QuiBids CFO Jeff Geurts!

Posted by Blake Brown under News, QuiBids Employees

quibids jeff geurts live chat

Hey guys! Raise your hand if you want QuiBids to be better.

Cool, we do too! (You can lower those hands now.) So, because we receive so much excellent customer feedback at the QuiBids Facebook page and the QuiBids Twitter account, we’re setting up a chance for you guys to help us improve QuiBids directly, by sharing your suggestions, concerns, criticisms, and ideas directly with one of the guys who was there at QuiBids’ humble beginnings!

That man is Jeff Geurts, QuiBids’ chief financial officer. That’s him below, speaking at the Governor’s Mansion in Oklahoma City last week while  Oklahoma governor Mary Fallin, Kevin Durant, and Serge Ibaka listen to his right:

quibids jeff geurts oklahoma city erik gause

Jeff oversees the handling of our company’s finances and a few other departments at QuiBids, but most importantly, he was one of our first employees, and helped a little tadpole company grow into the great, big, beautiful frog it is now. As a member of our executive team, Jeff’s had as much to do with shaping QuiBids’ vision for the future as anybody around here, and we want for that vision to include your consideration.

So here’s your chance to talk to him! Post your questions, comments, suggestions, or anything else you want Jeff to see in the comment section below, and he’ll be here at this blog post, answering them in real time a week from today. That’s Friday, February 15, from 2:00 p.m. to 2:45 p.m., so mark your calendars and tune in at that time to chat!

This leaves you with plenty of time to come up with questions to ask Jeff! We’d ask that you take note of other customers’ questions before posting your own, just to cut down on redundancy and to allow Jeff as much time as possible to chat with you guys. Some other recommendations:

  • Keep in mind that liking questions will push them up in the order, which makes them more public. So if you see a question you want answered, give it a like and watch it rocket to the top!
  • This is intended to be an open, courteous dialogue with the goal of ultimately building a better online service — not a chance for you to fix some issue you’re having with our site. If you’re experiencing problems on QuiBids, then please contact Customer Support at your convenience.

Alrighty then! We’re looking forward to seeing you guys back here next Friday! Until then, start posting your questions, suggestions, recommendations, criticisms, and observations below!

Photo by Erik Gause

UPDATE: Hey guys! Jeff’s down there in the comments right now, answering your questions! Drop on in and say hello.

Thanks to everybody who participated in the chat! We’ll organize this all into an easier-to-read Q&A and share it on the blog when we get back to the office on Monday. Enjoy your weekend and happy bidding!

jeff geurts quibids live chat