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Jul 16

Tweaks to 2.0 [Free Bids!]

Posted by Matt Carney under Contests, Site Features


We’re about three weeks removed from the biggest set of changes on QuiBids since the implementation of QuiBids Games, and we’ve taken the time since then to fine-tune some of the site functionalities that got knocked out of whack. Among the issues we’ve resolved are:

-Information missing or coming up as “N/A” when you select a users’ bidding history.
-Items disappearing off a Watchlist when the auction closes.
-Bugs with the QBar Watchlist.
-An inability to use the Bid-O-Matic and view an auction’s Bidding History simultaneously.
-The login disappearing when users don’t type their information in quickly enough.
-QBar visibility strained by Google Chrome pop-ups.
-Gameplay functionality bugs.

We’re so appreciative of our customers taking the time to report issues with the redesign, as those help to reveal which features people depend on when they shop with QuiBids. Because our employees (and employees’ immediate family members and/or roommates) aren’t allowed to use the site (in an effort ensure the validity of our auctions) we’re dependent on you guys’ feedback when it comes to developing and fine-tuning QuiBids’ features and functions. It’s not like we can just sign up and start bidding on computer speakers or Bid Vouchers or golf clubs ourselves: We have to do our best to imagine our customers’ perspective, and your feedback is always super-helpful for us to do that!

So: We’d like to pick your brains again, now that we’ve smoothed out some of these issues and gotten the site into full working order. Leave a comment in the DISQUS section below (not a Facebook comment) detailing your thoughts/feelings about the redesigned site now that we’ve fine-tuned most of the major issues, and we’ll give ten Voucher Bids to one lucky commenter! Easy as that.

So drop us a line down there and we’ll announce the winner on Friday, via a comment on the thread. Commenting multiple times won’t increase your chances of winning, but we’d certainly appreciate the feedback!

Happy bidding!

A note from the blogger: Since the beginning of this contest we’ve disabled the DISQUS commentary section in favor of embedding Facebook comments. Winner Brian W. received his ten Voucher Bids for leaving the following very insightful comment:

The filters are working better, which is great. I’d still like to be able to filter the watchlist on the QBar better, but things are looking up. (Although, I thought the suggestion about being able to pick between the old list format which I preferred, and the current grid format.) Now, if you could just eliminate limit busters, you’d be awesome. :)


  1. its good thanks for everything

  2. Alex Hawke says:

    Keeping the items on the watch list is really nice to be able to go back to look at auctions

  3. Hopefully you can begin shipping to APO addresses soon. I’d love to Qbid more often.

  4. Louis Fung says:

    Keep it up and QuiBids are my Top 10th website

  5. I appreciate the updates and hope to see that shipping will be available to APO soon

  6. It’s looking good! I’ll be bidding it up.

  7. It’s all good. Now pick me for being the first person to leave the comments in the correct place!

  8. James Tipple says:


    I love all the new features on the website its a lot easier to navigate
    for me , One of my favorite functions is being on the homepage and
    sorting my ending soon auctions and pulling them from the bottom to the
    top in my priority bidding list. And an issue ive still been
    experiencing is the login disappearing if i don’t enter it fast enough
    still , I used it 5 minuets ago and it still dissapears. But all in all i really like the new upgrades to the site. Good job guys !

  9. every bug fix help, keep up the good work

    1. QuiBids says:

      Thank you Sergio!

  10. Stacy Freels says:

    I am fairly new to QuiBids and have only used the new site n love, love, love it!! :-)

    1. QuiBids says:

      We’re so happy to have you, Stacy! Thanks for the love!

  11. Wendi says:

    At first I wasn’t too wild about the re-design, because as far as I was concerned, it was fine before. I have to admit, however, I really like the “sections” you can search out individual auctions on the new design. I also experiences the Watchlist disappearance of items…but I WAS able to find them anyway w/a few extra clicks. I’ve stuck with the changes though, and now I’m used to all the new features. Quibids is a lot of fun and I enjoy playing on it! On a side note, has Quibids fixed the MSN browser inability to mesh with it’s site? Internet Explorer works fine, but the MSN browser still does not.

  12. Love that you’ve put the list view back on the new site.

  13. Hello everybody, want to save money on items, QUIBID is where its at

  14. Bo Bailey says:

    I believe that all the fine tuning has made it more effecient. Takes away the guessing and waiting. New offers and so any more assets to help you get the things you desire. I give this website an A.!!!!!!!!

  15. Thanks for the bug fixes! I never experienced the old site because I am fairly new. But the site is so easy to use and east to navigate! I am all out of bids so I won’t be able to see the minor tweaks for a few weeks when I have money for a bidpack. but awesome job!

  16. Really…ten voucher bids to one lucky commenter??? I think you should be awarding everyone that has endured the changeover and continued bidding with a “I survived the changeover” badge and 50 vouchers for their continued support…

  17. Sorry for the duplication…just like the site…thinks don’t show up like they are supposed to and trying to login on “Discus” isn’t easy…sometimes the simpliest plan is the best plan. Hope you get back to basics soon

  18. Duong Quoc says:

    I want fixes to the auctions items – where are the good products gone?!

  19. Big_Tang89 says:

    thanks for fixing the bugs

  20. I have been pretty satisfied with QuiBids. I have won a handful of auctions and most with less than 5 bids!

  21. I like it but it would be nice to have more of the ongoing auctions on the first page instead of having to switch pages. quibidsusername-ssj13piccolo

  22. Karen Carnahan says:

    Bugs aside, I like it. Some nice features!

  23. Christopher Foutz says:

    I like the new item history feature. Thx Quibids!

  24. Brian Walsh says:

    The filters are working better, which is great. I’d still like to be able to filter the watchlist on the QBar better, but things are looking up. (Although, I thought the suggestion about being able to pick between the old list format which I preferred, and the current grid format.) Now, if you could just eliminate limit busters, you’d be awesome. :)

  25. it looks good and can only get better

  26. The new design looks great. It is much better then the old way an things are much easier to use and access now. ThanksnQuiBids!

  27. Bugs to the Beta system are clearing up one by one, but I still wish that daily limits would be returned to 3/day or at least reduced by half, and if limit busters can not be eliminated, there should at least be a limit to the number one can win or buy in 28-day period,

  28. Gina Bettig says:

    Thanks for fixing the mentioned bugs above. The login issue was getting frustrating. My only comment at this time is to remove any beginner auction statistics from an item’s recent auction statistics. I am not sure if Quibids already does this or not…if not, I think the beginner auction statistics scews the data. Thanks.

  29. jon barker says:

    Quibids time and time again is the leading penny auction site for US players. I love the new site design, i love the international auctions, and best of all, i like the gameplays :-) Keep it up quibids, no other auction site come close!!

  30. I am a big fan of Quibids. I have won some great items for amazing prices. I am still getting used to the new tweaks such as the search feature (which I am not sure is as user friendly as it was previously) but I see many improvements.

  31. Brian Walsh says:

    I posted hours ago but it didn’t show so I’m reposting. :)
    I like the upgrades to the site, though I’d prefer the option to go to a list format rather than the grid format…..and I’d like to be able to filter the watchlist on the Qbar, but overall it’s a pretty good improvement to the site.

  32. quibids is kool but a little confusing

  33. Antonio says:

    I like the redesign but you got to get the big banner out of the way for people that have already signed up. Plus 2 days ago I seen that it said something about fathers day. That was last month. You should at GOPRO Hero 2 cameras. Those are HOT products!

  34. I really appreciate the new watchlist, even better than the old one where the items didn’t stay longer than a day. I also like being able to search the item history. Both of these changes greatly assists in developing a bidding strategy…and winning more stuff :)

  35. Jesse Maseto says:

    QuiBids is Awesome! With the new features now in place it does take some getting used to. The one tweak in mind I would like, is that the bidding history has a scroll down to see the entire bidding history!! Thanks for a great bidding site!!!

  36. Gwen LaBelle says:

    … the new look is nice – I like the option on the bottom for purchasing bids faster in the bar…

  37. Sounds great kudos