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Mar 28

Under the Microscope

Posted by Matt Carney under News, Site Features


Let’s get ready to rumble, corporate integrity-style!

Unfortunately for us, one of the most often-repeated characterizations of the entertainment auction industry is that it’s a shady lane full of bot-bidding crooks and deceitful refunding policies. While that’s proved true for some sites, we here at QuiBids work hard daily to guarantee that our users get their fair shake every time they log in.

That all said, we get really excited when an opportunity for corporate transparency comes along, and last week the watchdog site offered just that, in the form of a very useful blog post titled “Penny Auctions: Things to Look For.” (For the record, QuiBids prefers the term “entertainment auction,” but potato-potahto) It’s not an especially long read, but put even shorter, it outlines a criterion for the components of a credible entertainment auction site.

We admire PennyBurners’ dedication to consumer safety, and thought we might offer our two cents to delineate how QuiBids excels in each of their points. Let’s get started with their recommendations on a company’s Terms and Conditions.

From PennyBurners:
There are certain things that we recommend you always look for when you find a new site, or before you give them your credit card/payment information. These things include, but are not limited to…

Comprehensive Terms & Conditions
All 5,029 words of QuiBids’ Terms and Conditions are clearly listed at our Help page (see the screenshot below for further direction), along with a ton of other useful information. As a growing company with a dynamic business model, we do have to make minor alterations to the Terms and Conditions from time to time, but we always notify customers of such changes before they go back to bidding on the site.

Does the site cover events such as site outages and auction glitches?

While they’ve proven less and less frequent since our October 2009 launch, site outages have occurred at QuiBids, and we accommodate for such a turn of events in our Terms and Conditions:

In such a case, auctions will be temporarily paused and the remaining time for the auctions, the current bidding price, and the current highest bidder will be recorded. After the disruption has been resolved, the auctions will be continued and ten minutes will be added to the remaining times for the auctions. Temporarily paused auctions are clearly indicated. Bids placed on a temporarily paused auctions will be credited back to Your account; however, QuiBids is not responsible for any other costs incurred by You due to a system outage.

Collusion/Tag-Teaming and Third-party Software?
QuiBids will not allow users to gain unfair advantage over other users by collusive bidding, or collaborating multiple accounts to win an auction. We reserve the right to permanently close the accounts of users suspected of collusion or tag-teaming, or employing third-party software (such as Bid Pro App), as that deteriorates the principles of fair play that the QuiBids auction is built upon.

Refund policies?
You can get a refund after purchasing a QuiBids Bid Pack. For up to one year after the purchase of a Bid Pack, you have the right to a full refund for the purchase price of the unused bids that remain. It should be noted that Voucher Bids and Free Bids are not eligible for refunds. Also please bear in mind that, after two years’ inactivity on your account, you will be docked five bids a month per inactive Bid Pack.

Shipping policies?
We recommend you check out our Shipment & Returns Help page, which is pretty exhaustive. Put short: yes, you must pay for shipping when you win an auction. But it’s on us if the item is defective, damaged, or just plain incorrect, in which case we’re happy to help fix the problem.

Company name, address, phone number
We’re QuiBids Holdings LLC, and you can find out where we are (Oklahoma City, Okla.) via the info link at our Facebook page, which you should totally become a fan of, by the way. For contact support, call 1-855-QUIBIDS (that’s 1-855-784-2437).

Ended Auctions
To date, we’ve sold an absurd amount of stuff. Have a quick look at the iPads moving through here lately. We make Santa’s Workshop in December more like Xanga.