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Jul 01

Underdogs Continue Making Lives Better for Local Pups

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QuiBids Employees Meike and Jared, founders of The Underdogs Rescue Organization

We are big animal lovers here at QuiBids. Which is why we are so proud of our employees, Meike and Jared, for all the work they do in the community helping underprivileged pets in need through the organization they founded, the Underdogs. In addition to their work at QuiBids, they spend their free time not only rehabilitating these animals and working to find them forever homes, but more importantly that give these dogs much-needed love and affection that they probably have never experienced before.

Jared recently wrote an article for The Dog Dish Magazine. And since we haven’t updated you all lately on what has been going on with the Underdogs, we thought we’d share this story so you can see the great things they continue to do in our community. Go here for the digital version of this article.

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Since its beginning in July 2013, Underdogs Rescue has encountered many unfortunate cases of animal abuse, neglect, and misfortune. These cases are why the staff and volunteers do what they do; however, it’s in the stories of success, healing and triumph that they say they’re able to find the strength and inspiration to continue.

The organization’s mission is to rescue, protect and provide lifelong care for those animals who cannot care for themselves, in hopes of uniting them with caring, nurturing homes.

The story of Eevee the German Shepard mix, also known as “Gunnie,” is one example of a true Underdog story. Carelessly shot through the neck and left for dead, her situation was dire. Through social networking, staff quickly became aware of the situation and her condition.

Her case was similar to many others seen on the news, aside from the fact that she was miraculously still alive. She was fortunate enough to have volunteers quickly transport her to receive medical treatment.

A preliminary evaluation of her condition gave Underdogs staff a touch of hope; still, Eevee’s wounds demanded immediate surgery. Missing all major arteries and nerves and finally ricocheting off her spine, the .22 caliber bullet passed clean through. In the end, her lengthy surgery totaled 32 internal stitches, 10 external stitches on the right side and 8 external stitches on the left exit wound.

During this period of trauma and in the months following, Eevee has never shown signs of discomfort or aggression, but instead sweetness, affection, and a remarkable desire to survive.

“This desire is not something that we discovered as an organization, but as people.” said Meike Parker, co-founder at Underdogs Rescue. “Those of us in animal rescue can attest that witnessing this can be emotionally and spiritually enriching.”

As far as Underdogs go, one of the most inspirational stories is that of Rufus. Rufus was put up to be re-homed for no other reason than his poor physical condition, which requires more attention than would most dogs.

Rufus is an 8-year-old Dachshund who, following a surgical procedure for hip dysplasia, lost most of the use in his hind legs. In addition, the procedure left him incontinent, requiring catheterization, and reliant on a special bag (called a drag bag) that goes around his bottom.

Fortunately, staff members were able to get Rufus into the Underdogs Rescue foster program. His daily needs are not outside or beyond the reach of the Underdogs. When he’s not scooting around in his special wheel apparatus, Rufus is in someone’s caring arms, always close. Rufus was able to find his second chance and will hopefully one day find his forever home.

Not unlike total abandonment for other dogs, the Underdogs encounter unfortunate cases like those of Richter and Ranger. For the entirety of their lives, the two dogs were chained outside. Ranger spent his days and nights chained outside of a home, and Richter was abandoned after being chained to a fence.

Three hundred and sixty-five days a year, rain or shine, dogs that are chained up outside suffer a terrible existence. Fortunately, in a few of these instances, rescuers are able to find a way to get them released and into the Underdogs program.

Cleaned up, vetted, cared for and hugged, all maybe for the first time, Richter and Ranger were nothing but completely gracious. The dogs transformed from being seen as nothing but a piece of property, a security system or merely a lawn ornament to getting a second chance and finding a forever home. They will now know what it is to be inside, cared for and loved.

As in all rescues, you can see that powerful will and desire to survive. There are no small rescues, and in each case they all deserve a second chance.

Many Underdogs have been through tremendous hardships, but time and time again, it does not break their spirit. With a little love and care, their gratitude shines. It’s the dedicated goal of the Underdogs Rescue to make that second chance possible and put dogs into homes where they’ll continue to receive that love.

–Source: The Dog Dish Magazine

We want to give a big thank you to the wonderful people at the Underdogs on behalf of the animals that can’t speak for themselves. The world is a better place because of organizations like that. Please consider donating to their cause at the link below. Also be sure to give The Dog Dish Magazine a like on Facebook and keep up with their future publications!

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We are featured in the new magazine. Look on page 8. :)Thank you so much, Jared White and The Dog Dish Magazine!

Posted by The Underdogs Rescue on Tuesday, June 30, 2015