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Feb 12

Up your odds of becoming the next QuiBidder of the Week!

Posted by Matt Carney under Contests, Tips & Strategy






UPDATE (1-21-2015): The QuiBidder of the Week Winner will now win 90 free bids! More details here.

Every Monday we select a QuiBidder of the Week, and —much like QuiBids auctions— the process for determining the winner isn’t random. We don’t just take each digital entry, print them out into little strips, and draw one out of a hat. Having a clear-cut, well-executed strategy will help earn you 90 free bids just as well as it’ll help you win a big auction for the least amount of bids. Sorta like these people!

Think about it like you’re applying for a job and the QuiBidder of the Week form is your résumé. Each week we get a whole heaping pile of ‘em, so you need for yours to really stand out. To “pop,” as they say.

Well here are some nifty DOs and DON’Ts to keep in mind when it comes to filling out your form each week. Follow these and your odds of being crowned the QuiBidder of the Week will grow much stronger.

The 8 DOs and DON’Ts of the QuiBidder of the Week contest

1. DO get to know us on social.
Ultimately a real human being at QuiBids makes the decision as to who becomes the next QuiBidder of the Week! And real human beings like familiarity, so if we see that you’re a regular on the Top QuiBidder leaderboard, it’s definitely not going to hurt your case.

2. DON’T forget to include pictures of as many QuiBids wins as possible in your photo!
I just looked into the blog’s analytics, and the most trafficked QuiBidder of the Week post in the last couple months was this one, which has a really impressive amount of wins! Do like Trevor and include as many of them in your photo as you can!

3. DON’T answer the questions in the forms with just one word. Or even one sentence.
Nothing shouts “Skip me!” like an entry form full of blank space where words should be. Take five minutes to write out thorough, cogent responses!

4. DO tell us a story!
We want to hear about how QuiBids has helped you, and what effect our service has had on your life and/or the life of your family. It’s great that you got a discount on a product, but we want to know what that discount enabled you to do, so tell us a full-on story. Here are a few good examples.

5. DON’T be afraid to spice things up a bit.
Don’t worry, your entry form won’t get automatically deleted if you add a URL to it. Link off to some other cool evidence of your QuiBids mastery — maybe a YouTube video or a photo gallery of your wins on Flickr?

6. DO proofread before you submit!
We’re not looking for a flawless manuscript of Crime and Punishment length but the more cohesive and fewer spelling mistakes, the better!

7. DON’T be bashful about your wins.
Some people are too brag, but it’s OK, the QuiBidder of the Week entry form is a safe place to do it. Here your biggest wins are celebrated (though perhaps with a little envy), so feel free to shout them out from the rooftops, so to speak.

8. And lastly, DO enter every week!
Each week’s a new chance to win, and we don’t discriminate based on whether or not you’ve won before! So there’s no reason for you not to enter each week!