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Sep 19

What’s your favorite QuiBids Game!

Posted by Matt Carney under Site Features


We want to know which of our QuiBids Games is your favorite!

Vote on your favorite game by telling us in the comments below.  Want to learn more?  See: QuiBids Games Explained.

Before you vote, let’s review the six options that make up the current roster of QuiBids Games, just to make sure you know what it is you’re voting for.

Word Scramble

Our most recent addition to QuiBids Games, Word Scramble’s also the most strategic and challenging. The overarching goal is to earn as many points as possible in the time allowed by creating words on a Scrabble-like board. Read up on some Word Scramble strategy here.

Color Capture

Like Word Scramble, Color Capture features a board and a timer. It’s predicated on your ability to quickly distinguish between colored squares though, and therefore not quite as tough as Word Scramble —unless you’re color blind, in which case it’s probably much more difficult and we recommend you play another one of our games. Color Capture’s been available on the site since April and is one of our most popular games.

Big Game Fishing

Starting with Big Game Fishing here, these last four games aren’t skill-based like Word Scramble and Color Capture are, which means two things: 1. They make for more casual playing, and 2. Winning big is more a matter of random chance. But if you’re looking for a way to get out on the high seas and hope for a big haul without leaving your computer screen, Big Game Fishing might as well be your Caribbean vacation.

Treasure Cove

Pirates more your thing than fish? Then in addition to this very interesting website, we recommend you give Treasure Cover a try. Play it until you get to the cannon scene — that’s where the payoff gets good.

Groundhog Hunting

Because what’s better than smacking hole-digging varmints on the head with a mallet? Groundhog Hunting’s a bit trickier than Treasure Cove or Big Game Fishing, but that’s just because you’ve got to move that cursor really quick across the screen.

Deal Wheel

And last, Deal Wheel requires a good amount of luck to be successful. But have a look at those recent top scores: Folks have been nabbing as many as 188 bids while using 2X Multipliers. Just know that there’s no Pat Sajak or Vanna White to help usher you through Deal Wheel.

In addition to letting us know your favorite game, which one of our QuiBids Games has the highest payoff? Sound off in the comments — we love hearing from you!