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Apr 04

We want to hear what you thought about our April Fools’ auctions!

Posted by Matt Carney under News

QuiBids April Fools Survey

We’re pretty big on celebrating holidays here at QuiBids, and April Fools’ Day was no exception this year. We got festive by “hosting” 21 auctions of a unique nature and by “unique nature” I mean that they were a big ol’ farce. Although not completely because the April Fools’ auction “winners” were awarded a Gameplay for their trouble. But no, there is no such thing as a Yeti-guided tour of Mt. Everest. We checked.

But before you scroll down to the survey (which you can also take at QuiBids’ Polldaddy account) to tell us what you thought about our April Fools’ auctions, let’s all take a second to remember what Monday’s round of special auctions were for!

Orion’s Belt
auction site Orion's Belt QuiBids

Panda Dog
auction site quibids panda dog

Russell Westbrook’s Glasses Prescription
auction site russell westbrook glasses

Magic Beans
auction sites quibids magic beans

The Inherent Joy of Bidding in an Auction
Auction site inherent joy of bidding

Self-Contained Above-Water Breathing Apparatus
auction sites quibids self contained above water breathing apparatus

500 Hours of Free AOL
QuiBids auction AOL internet

A Ride on an Asteroid
QuiBids auction Asteroid ride

Dinosaur Repellant
QuiBids auction dinosaur repellant

An E.T.-powered Bicycle
QuiBids auction ET powered bicycle

An Extra Birthday Wish
QuiBids auction extra birthday wish

Forrest Gump’s Running Shoes
QuiBids auction forrest gump runing shoes

A Genie Without a Bottle
QuiBids auction genie without a bottle

A Human Ant Farm
QuiBids auction human ant farm

The Goblet of Fire
QuiBids auction site actual goblet of fire

Super Power You-Choose-It!
QuiBids auction site Super Power You Choose It

The Color Blue
QuiBids auction site the color blue

Yeti-Guided Tour of Mt. Everest
quibids auction site yeti guided tour

The Atlantic Ocean
QuiBids auction the Atlantic Ocean

Dance Lessons with Shaq
QuiBids auction sites shaq dance lessons

Which auction was your favorite? Tell us in the comments! And don’t forget to fill out the survey!