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Jun 20

What are Hybrid Auctions?

Posted by Matt Carney under Site Features

Hybrid Auctions on QuiBids

Short answer: Hybrid Auctions contain both a product and a specified amount of Voucher Bids.

Aren’t you glad for short answers? Because there’s actually a lot more to the long answer if you care to get involved with it. And since that’s what blogs are for, we’re going to dive headlong into the long answer here, though I suspect the majority of readers came here looking for the Cliff’s Notes version.

What those readers will miss is pretty vital though, so stay tuned if you’re looking to get the most out of QuiBids. Here are a couple of quick facts about QuiBids Hybrid Auctions that’ll streamline your shopping experience.

1. Your account will be credited with your won Voucher Bids once you pay for your auction.
You won it, so go claim it! Since the Voucher Bids are part of the prize, you’ve got to pay for it in order to use them in the next auction. So pay for your item quickly and jump back into bidding!

2. Hybrid Auctions are different from Gameplay Auctions and auctions for Voucher Bids.
Don’t get your auctions confused! Gameplay Auctions are auctions with prizes that come with a Gameplay (more about those below). Bid Voucher auctions are exclusively for Voucher Bids. Hybrid Auctions are separate from both of these!

3. You WILL get the Voucher Bids in a Hybrid Auction if you choose to Buy Now.
This is slightly different from auctions that include Gameplays. Because Gameplays have no monetary value, they are not included in the Buy Now price. But since you do pay extra for those Voucher Bids, they’ll be included.

Bonus question: Which is more valuable — a Gameplay or Voucher Bids?
This is going to go down as one of those ages-old questions, right up there with Chicken vs. Egg and If A Tree Falls in a Forest. While I’d probably get fired if I told you to go after one instead of another, I will say that the two are generally pretty comparable unless you’re just really, really good at QuiBids Games. And in the words of Forrest Gump, that’s all I’ve got to say about that.