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May 09

What are QuiBids Badges?

Posted by Matt Carney under Site Features, Tips & Strategy


Remember when you were a kid and it was socially acceptable to ask to go up to the cockpit and meet the pilots of the plane? And how the flight attendants would hook you up with an awesome set of wings to forever commemorate that moment, which would subsequently make you the coolest kid in the classroom when you showed them to everybody on Monday morning?

Well that’s the feeling we hope you get every time you earn a new QuiBids Badge! We started Badges as a way to reward our customers with Voucher Bids for all the time, care, and persistence they put into shopping with QuiBids. We say “shopping” and not “bidding,” because there are plenty of ways to earn badges other than by participating in QuiBids auctions. Some we give as an incentive for customers to spend time with QuiBids 101 so that they learn how our site works, and others we just dole out because it’s nice to just give things away!

We also built QuiBids Badges to create a series of goals for our customers, ones that — if properly followed — would condition them to healthy expectations and good bidding practice. So you can use these as helpful guidelines for your QuiBids experience!

We’ve broken all currently-available badges up into those three categories and listed them below, along with the number of Voucher Bids they’re worth. Check ‘em out and go earn your free bids!

QuiBids Badges you earn by bidding
100th Bid Badge — 1 bid
More ‘Bid’ Kombat Badge — 1 bid
Mr. Roboto Badge— 2 bids
250th Bid Badge — 5 bids
500th Bid Badge — 10 bids
750th Bid Badge — 15 bids
1,000th Bid Badge — 25 bids

QuiBids Badges you earn by winning
Victory Badge — 2 bids
Running Riot Badge — 2 bids
Super Bidder Badge — 3 bids
Plastic Surgery Badge — 3 bids
Going Rogue Badge — 3 bids
Rock the Bid Badge — 3 bids
Three’s Company Badge — 3 bids
Trifecta Voucher Challenge Badge — 5 bids
Better Homes & Auctions Badge — 5 bids
Arm Candy Badge — 5 bids
Win-In-One Badge — 7 bids
Iron Man Challenge Badge— 7 bids
Big Spender Badge — 10 bids
Paparazzi Badge — 10 bids
Gameday Badge — 15 bids

QuiBids Badges you earn by learning
Scrooge Badge — 1 bid
Training Day Badge — 3 bids
Quizette Badge — 3 bids
Big Prize Badge — 15 bids
Bid Voucher Cycle Badge — 15 bids
Top Recruiter Badge — 25 bids

QuiBids Badges you earn just because
Early Bird Badge — 2 bids
Beginner Badge — 5 bids
Buy Now Badge —  5 bids
Survivor Badge — 7 bids
Birthday Badge — 7 bids
We Heart You Badge — 25 bids

Think you’ve earned badges but don’t know if you’ve claimed them or not? Then head to the QuiBids 101 page about Badges! It’s got a great step-by-step explanation on how to claim your hard-earned rewards!