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Aug 29

What do I do if I win an item that’s out of stock?

Posted by Matt Carney under News, Tips & Strategy


Once in a blue moon or so, we run into a little problem with our product suppliers, and —cue the dramatic movie score horn blast!— we can’t supply an item that you won or bought via Buy Now in a QuiBids auction.

We promise this only happens on extremely rare occasions and that it’s just an unfortunate and unavoidable part of doing day-to-day business in the real world. As you may recall, we have partnerships with product suppliers all over the world, and we use them to drop ship our products. There isn’t some centralized QuiBids warehouse where we can simply restock items when we run out.

And thus, we’ve built a few safeguards into our company policies to protect our awesome customers, just in case we find ourselves in an embarrassing situation where we can’t fulfill the product they won or purchased. Here’s what happens.

1. Check your email

We have an automated email system that’s triggered to email you if we ever run into a situation where a product you win in an auction or purchase via Buy Now is out of stock with our supplier. When you open up this email, it will present you with two options.

Option A: QuiBids offers a replacement product of equivalent value at zero additional cost to you.
Option B: QuiBids refunds the price you paid for the product, and credit any bids placed in the auction back into your account.

Making your selection is as simple as choosing which option, which you can do right there inside your email, and you’ll be on your way to a replacement or a refund.

2. Check your My Bids

As a token of apology, we’ll credit your account with 25 Voucher Bids if we ever put you in this unfortunate situation. It’s our way of saying sorry and that we value your business and we wouldn’t know what to do without you. You complete us.

3. Check your email again!

If you don’t select a replacement product within 28 days, we’ll cancel the item order and issue you a full refund, so don’t forget about it! Check your email again to make sure that you made your choice.

Happy bidding!