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Jul 02

What type of bidder are you?

Posted by Blake Brown under Tips & Strategy

Types of bidders on QuiBids

Last week, a QuiBidder posted a photo on our Facebook page that got us thinking. The photo (below) showcases a breakdown of different types of bidders you can find on QuiBids. The bidder, Connie, has been bidding on our site for quite some time now and during this time she’s been able to observe a variety of different bidding tendencies of other bidders. In her post, she came up with some super-creative names and descriptions for the types of bidders she’s come across based on the strategies that they use in auctions. Since employees can’t bid on our site, we don’t really have the experience or skills needed to really understand the various strategies and tendencies of other bidders. That’s why we love getting insight from experienced customers like Connie.

We thought it would be a good idea to turn Connie’s photo into a blog so other bidders can get some use out of it too. Keep reading to see some of the different styles of bidding you might come across on QuiBids. Try to find the one that best matches your strategy!

1. The Jumper

The jumper waits until right before the auction locks to cast his/her first bids. The jumper usually wants to know as much as s/he can about the competition before s/he commits. Once committed, the jumper often stays until the bitter, or victorious end.

2. The Hopper

The hopper periodically hops in with a random bid, hoping the other bidders will be confused and the auction will end with them being the winner. Lots of newbies are hoppers until they learn better bidding techniques.

3. The Sleeper

The sleeper puts in a few bids early to stay in the game. This bidder is willing to wait until everyone else is winding down before bidding and then s/he typically pours it on. Because of his/her stealth tactics, the sleeper is often overlooked until s/he comes from behind to win the race. Sleepers take the chance that the auction will suddenly end before s/he has even begun to compete.

4. The Hammer

This person joins an auction (typically at the beginning) and slams down a new bid whenever anyone else places a bid. One of the bullies of penny auctions, this person dares you to place another bid and makes it unpleasant for you if you do. This strategy is sometimes successful, which is why s/he keeps doing it.

5. The plodder

This person may enter at any time but bids regularly and is willing to us Buy Now. S/he hopes that the other bidders will drop out along the way. While the title “plodder” isn’t very glamorous, the plodder is much like the turtle (from the Turtle and the Hare), and the plodder often ends up winning the race.

6. The Optimist

Much like the Plodder, the Optimist bids steadily. However, this bidder is usually one of the first bidders in the auction. Once s/he enters, they rarely pause. This person tries to make it clear to other bidders that s/he is willing to go all the way and use Buy Now. If another bidder wants to beat the Optimist, they must be willing to go the distance, which may be costly. This bidder hopes that others will decide to quit early and wait for an easier auction to win.

7. The Opportunist

This person watches until s/he thinks the current bidders are almost out of bids before entering an auction. S/he hopes to win by being the only bidder left after the others stop and use Buy Now.

8. The Hero Bidder

Early in an auction, this person only places a bid whenever the timer winds down to one second, thus keeping the auction from ending. When things finally calm down, the Hero Bidder may begin bidding steadily. This person hopes to wear everyone else down and emerge victorious.


What type of bidder are you? Share in the comments! Also, be sure to let us know if there are any we left off!

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