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May 29

What web browser works best for QuiBids?

Posted by Matt Carney under Tips & Strategy

QuiBids recommended internet browser

Our QuiBids Customer Support team troubleshoots requests for assistance on a daily basis and while some customers miss out on the information they need because our emails sometimes wind up in their junk folder, others experience a slow site because of an issue that’s just as easy to fix.

That issue isn’t one unique to QuiBids, and addressing it will improve how you view and how quickly you use just about any site on the Internet. I’m talking about your choice of browser because old, un-updated browsers can slow your QuiBids experience down significantly. When it comes to browsing for auctions this can be just an inconvenience but when you’re actually bidding a lag can prevent you from timing the placement of your bids the way you really want.

To answer the question posed above: Google Chrome and Firefox are going to run QuiBids the smoothest. Internet Explorer is fine too, but we recommend Chrome and Firefox for the best experience. Pretty much everybody shopping on QuiBids either uses one of these three browsers, so we’ll limit our recommendations to them. Here’s how to update if you haven’t done that in a while:

Google Chrome

Chrome updates itself automatically but just to make sure, click the Chrome menu (it’s the button with three parallel bars on the right side of the browser toolbar and select About Google Chrome. There you’ll see whether or not your version of Chrome is up-to-date, and if it isn’t you’ll have the option to update it.


Firefox will notify you whenever updates for it are available so whenever you’re prompted to do so, be sure to download and install the new version. You can also manually check for updates by clicking the Firefox button at the top of any Firefox window. From there go to the Help menu and select About Firefox. That will open an About Firefox window which will begin checking for updates immediately.

Internet Explorer

Because Internet Explorer isn’t available on Macs here’s how to update Explorer on computers running Windows. Click your Start button and select All Programs, and then Windows Update. In the left pane click Check for updates, which will bring up any updates you need to make.

Please note that while Internet Explorer will work while using QuiBids we recommend our customers use either Google Chrome (which you can install by visiting Google Chrome’s site) or Firefox (go here to install) for the most optimal experience.

What does it matter that I keep my browser updated?

Compared to most websites QuiBids’ is fairly sophisticated and refreshes every second for each and every individual on it when you’re bidding on an auction. To keep up you’ve got be using a top-flight browser and Google Chrome and Firefox are going to be your best bets for that.

And don’t forget to clear your cache every so often!

Clearing your cache every once in a while will keep things on your browser running smoothly. Here’s a really good how-to that our Customer Support department relies on.

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