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May 09

When do you use Real Bids and when do you use Voucher Bids?

Posted by Matt Carney under Tips & Strategy


Today on the QuiBids blog I’d like to host a little discussion about Real Bids and Voucher Bids. I’m curious to know our customers’ thoughts here:

When do you use one as opposed to the other? Since Voucher Bids don’t factor into a Buy Now do you feel less confident bidding with them? What’s the easiest, most consistent, and/or best way you’ve found to acquire Voucher Bids? Do you even bid on auctions for Voucher Bids? How does the bid type affect your strategy for winning auctions?

Let’s talk about these questions and more down in the comments! I’ll keep an eye on this blog post all afternoon to chat with you guys and hopefully clear up any issues or misunderstandings that may arise. But before you start posting, please make sure you’ve got your facts straight! I’ve included some basic and some more advanced facts about Real Bids and Voucher Bids on QuiBids.

Real Bids and Voucher Bids — the facts

1. In auctions, your opponents can’t determine the difference between a Real Bid and a Voucher Bid. However, they can tell if the bid was placed by a Bid-O-Matic or not.

2. Real Bids are acquired via direct purchase in the form of Bid Packs and count toward a Buy Now purchase. Real Bids can be refunded so long as they aren’t used in an auction, or go unused for an entire year. (If you do wish to be refunded the monetary value of your unused Real Bids, please feel free to contact Customer Support at any time and they will be happy to assist you.)

3. Voucher Bids are most commonly won at auction and do not count toward a Buy Now purchase because they were not purchased directly. Typically they expire in a matter of days or weeks, depending on how they were acquired. You can see when each Voucher Bid in your account will expire by checking your Bid Credit History.

QuiBids Bid Credit History

Control which type of bids are used first by clicking on the Bid Credit History link in My QuiBids.

4. You can acquire Voucher Bids the following ways:

5. Bids acquired via the purchase of an item from the QuiBids Store are Voucher Bids and not Real Bids.

So hop on in there in the comments below! I’ll get us started with a question down there.

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