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Apr 01

Win an Aladdin-Guided Magic Carpet Ride on QuiBids

Posted by Matt Carney under Products

aladdin magic carpet ride on quibids

When did you last let your heart decide to explore a new, fantastic point of view? Do you find yourself constantly dreaming about shining, shimmering splendor? Of a dazzling place you never knew?

If so, then bidding on this dreamboat Disney star and his enchanted rug might just be the auction that shows you the world. When you’re way up here, it’s crystal-clear… OK, screw it. Record scratch! We’ve officially run out of ways to tie those lyrics — timeless treasures of our childhood as they may be — into this post. But that’s alright because it doesn’t make touring the sky with a handsome Disney hunk any less awesome.

Now in Aladdin, the title character used three wishes to become a prince, get rescued, and then set his genie friend Robin Williams free, but we’re curious what you guys would do with three QuiBids wishes. We want to know what you would do to make QuiBids even better! And much like Genie’s three rules (no killing anybody, no playing Cupid, and no raising the dead — though we’ve already accounted for that one), we’ve got a few conditions to outline before you can wish in the comments. They are as follows.

Genie Rule #1: No magical automatic auction win feature. C’mon. We both know you guys are way more creative than that.

Genie Rule #2: No unlimited stock of bids. Again, you guys are more creative than that. Plus, you’d just wind up driving prices up even higher and you’d still have to pay for them. So, not in your interest.

Genie Rule #3: Much like the genie’s standing no-kill order, you may not eliminate other users. Yes, of course it’s infuriating when you’ve stayed up until 3 a.m. to nab a Canon Rebel T2i and SqueezCheez47 keeps on forcing you reload your Bid holster. No, you may not pluck his avatar off the screen and boot it to Timbuktu.

So yeah! We want to hear what your QuiBids wishes are. Not a fan of QLive? Wish your QBar had additional features? Want to bid on an item we haven’t put up for auction in a while? You’ve got three wishes! We wanna hear ‘em.


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