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Aug 02

Winning on QuiBids: July 2012

Posted by Blake Brown under Testimonials

There are thousands of winners daily on QuiBids, and many of these winners like to share their QuiBids Win with their family and friends on Social Media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Now that July 2012 is in the books, we’d like to share some of our favorite comments, pictures, and videos about QuiBids from the past month.

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QuiBids Social Round-Up: July 2012

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Storified by QuiBids · Thu, Aug 02 2012 08:23:49

So I decided to try @QuiBids and I won a sterling silver pearl bracelet for $0.01 (plus, like $3 for s&h). Worth $85.98 – I’m pretty excitedKendra
@QuiBids I won a Slap-Watch and a $25 Target card with just one bid. Humberto Romo G.
@QuiBids computer speakers! 100 dollar speakers for .04 cents!!!!!!!Michael Gallo
Okay, I hardly ever get on QuiBids. But, one day I decided to see what it is all about and bid on a $25 gift card. I won that gift card for a total cost of $2.00. Yes that’s right, $2.00!!!! Anicka Grice
And I just WON my first @Quibids auction for $0.01 + $12 shipping. A Diamond Heart Pendant for my girlfriend! :)Bryan
Just got $25 gift card to subways for 1 cent bid GREATPatricia D. Henson
Just got $25 gift card to subways for 1 cent bid GREATPatricia D. Henson
WOW..I just love this bag B9andit 2) it retails for 95 dollars and I won it for only 69 cents on quibidsConeisha Bless Campbell
just won a tablet for $8.00 reallyLincoln Town
just got my camcorder!!!! yay!!! wish the others would let me win an ipad!!!! been trying for 5 days straight!!! Yarni Jade Morrissey
Quibids winnershastamcnasty1983
@QuiBids I’ve won several Home Depot gift cards that I’m using to get a new grill. Some with only 1 bid! #NewiPadJustinWoodard
After having won in excess of 200 items, I have the following to report: I have great fun bidding and winning, sometime loosing. We now have 4 flat-screen TV’s (55 to 60 inch) , one for every room in the house, so we can all watch different programs. This has not split-up the family. as we watch a lot of TV together in the living room…. We won in excess of 10 Cameras and Camcorders, have kept the best 4 for ourselves and have given the others to family and friends at Christmas and Birthdays. The over 100 gift-cards we have used to a certain extent and have given the rest to charity. Have watched many smiles and tears. We gave some of the Walmart Cards to people in need of food and have given some Restaurant Gift Cards to some that could not have afforded going out otherwise. It does not get better than that!!! All of this without having to interface with QuiBids to many times. In all cases Customer Service has solved all problems the first time. Most problems using email and the more difficult problems by phone. In many cases the QuiBids server made mistakes while Customer service resolved the issues!!! Now, with the new QuiBid format I have not found any more server issues. I guess the original format was changed to many times, resulting in to many overlays, which caused some other server problems. These problems are behind us, now that the software has been totally changed. I have not found any more honest on-line auctions. The server problems are history and the new software is very intuitive. If you think this post was is from QuiBids, think again, as I have been a devout QuiBidder for almost 3 years. If you are frustrated, take so time watching live bidding without actually bidding and learn not only the tricks but keep a note of all the QuiBidders that you will always loose against, because they will never give-up. Happy bidding, Roland Marti See MoreRoland Marti
WOW look what 1 cent got me, 15.00 home depot card, love QuibidsKarolyn Longoria
We Love QuiBids — in Orlando, FL.Ashley Lovin’life Boland
Bought a skillet for 1 cent!Scott Van Dyke
Excited QuiBidder Unboxing a QuiBids Win – Computer Speakersquibids
Check out this photo! Just got this $800 camera for $48! If you want to get one go to It’s real! Christopher
“@QuiBids: #WinningFace #FREEBIDS Lee
QuiBids employees volunteering their time at a local children’s hospital.
What you know about the #quibids first win…word @witty_wordschurn_
Hi Quibids here is what I did with my Home Depot gift card I won for 7 cents ThanksKarolyn Longoria
got my first $25 gift card from #quibids – paid only $2.41 for it. #winning #bidjunkeeAnnalynn Catalasan