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Jun 27

Winning with QuiBids: Top Posts from Social Media – June 2012

Posted by Blake Brown under Testimonials

QuiBids Testimonial

Another month has come and gone, and boy it has been an eventful one for QuiBids! We started off the month with a specially gallery on Facebook of products for Father’s Day.  Then our beloved hometown NBA team, the Oklahoma City Thunder, made it to the NBA Finals.  We decided to celebrate this year championship series with a Facebook app that lets you add James Harden’s beard or Lebron James’ headband to your profile picture, plus we gave out a coupon code for FREE bids!  Finally June 2012  saw the release of QuiBids 2.0, a pretty extensive site redesign.  You can learn more about the changes here.

There’s obviously lots going on here at QuiBids, but nothing is quite as exciting as some of the wins our customers are getting.  As you can see from the May 2012 Social Round-Up, great deals are a very common occurrence at QuiBids.  In fact, there are thousands of winners every day on our site!  Winning can be so exciting that it oftentimes leads people to share the love for QuiBids with their friends and family via social networks.  Below are some of our favorite social media posts from the past month. Check it out!

QuiBids Social Round-Up: June 2012

After scoring a win on QuiBids, bidders often take to social networking sites to show off their recent deals. Here are some of the best tweets and Instagram photos, and Facebook posts about QuiBids from June 2012.

Storified by QuiBids · Wed, Jun 27 2012 11:45:35

@QuiBids within the span of 2 1/2 hours I won a set of Callaway Razr X irons for .46 cents and a Nike VR S Driver for .10 cents!! Yes Sir!!!phillysports
Won my first penny bid ever #quibids #walmart #giftcard #lolLaura Michelle
Quibids Contest Entrythankzalotz
Just watched a $1200 laptop go for $8.65 on quibids… It’s real…. That’s insane.Kyle Jacobs
@QuiBids Is awesome I’ve won $750 worth of product for just a total of $2.85Jesse Turner
Won a $50 cabellas gift card and a $25 card to the gas station of my choice on quibids, paid $2 for both #winningauctionsanthony civitello
@quibids won a $25 gift card and a $10 gift card for 1¢ each. Waiting there arrival. #quibids #pennyauction #winningauctionsCharles Lloyd
Got this for 2cents. So #pretty #quibids #amethystjustine alejandro
@QuiBids I tell people all the time NO its not a scam It’s like your favorite eBay seller with far better deals to be had. #tryitforyourselfJeremy Hopkins
Finally!!! #winning #ipad #quibidsMo Zucco ��
Just made my first cup of espresso at home. Pretty impressed I gotta say. @meetmeintokyo #coffee #cafe #espresso #yum #quibids #dealnick
Thanks quibids #beatsbydre Magotch
Check out @QuiBids’ new look! – We think the UI improvements and better search feature will go a long way. Auction List
The @QuiBids redesign is looking nice! Di Franco
Thanks #quibids for the 41cent watch.. Yay!!laelik
A ring and a watch from #quibids for less than $1.00.. Hmm can’t go wrong with that at all!! :-Dlaelik
My first package from @QuiBids has arrived!!!†oph Mac
Just got my girlfriend a 14k gold pearl bracelet and also and electric wine bottle chiller and opener for a total of 4 cents….quibids is the shibids :)Layne Oliver
Penny Auctions: QuiBids Gets a Sleek New Design and More Features Auction Watch
Just won another @Quibids Auction with my #FREEBIDS! WohoooooChris†oph Mac
quibids is awesome just tried it out today won $75 worth of gift cards hehWilliam David Vickers
My first experience with Quibids was a success. Just got a purple towel for .01 real pumped about it @JMarksisms @Wills_Klein @EKleinsteinJordan Marks
3 Ways You Benefit from the QuiBids Redesign -… Auction List
Look what I got on @Quibids for less than a dollar! #NotForMePromise #Ivanka #Trump†oph Mac
Im Ready For My IPad Too Come In!! Won It On @QuiBids For $29!!!:) #HappyImGANGSTER_Kay
at @QuiBids 10 seconds is an eternity! if you lose worst 10 seconds ever! if you win best 10 seconds ever! I <3 @QuiBidsMarian Oquendo
Yaaaaa buddy $55.70 for Callway Razr X Irons on Quibids. Cheehooo!Tyler Roberts