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May 09

Yet Another Opportunity to Win Free Bids

Posted by QuiBids under Events

For those of you who follow QuiBids on Twitter or Like us on Facebook, you are probably already aware of our daily FREE bid giveaways. We are very excited to announce even more opportunities to score some free bids. For a short time only, you can create a quick 30 – 60 second video testimonial describing your experiences with QuiBids. We will select a limited number of videos to showcase on our YouTube and Facebook pages. If your submission is one of the chosen videos, you will win 50 Free Bids along with a free QuiBids t-shirt!

You can use your testimonial to describe any aspect of being a successful QuiBidder. For example, you could show examples of bidding practices that you have found to have success. You can also use your video the show off some of your recent QuiBids wins! Simply provide details about the auction such as the number of bids placed and the final ending price. Be sure to follow the guidelines below.

1. Video must be at least thirty seconds long, and must not exceed one minute.

2. State your first name at the beginning of the video. Make sure your face is clearly visible and not hidden.

3. Once your video is complete, upload it to YouTube and title it “My QuiBids Testimonial,” or “My QuiBids Experience.”

How to upload a video to Youtube.

4. Log in to your Twitter account and Tweet the following:

My @QuiBids Experiences. (Link to video here) #QBTestimonial

You might need to use a link shortener to allow the Tweet to be under 140 characters. If so, try: or

How to create a Twitter Account.

How to use a link shortener.

5. The number of views your video has will be considered when awarding the free bids. Get your followers to RT your link. Share it via other Social Networking Sites. Do what you can to get people to watch your video. Be Creative!

QuiBids is all about creating a fun and entertaining experience for our users. Keep this in mind when making your video and use your creativity to add some “fun” to the testimonial. We look forward to seeing what you all can create!